360 Circuit Training : Giving It a Try

October 3, 2013

I read that an actress is doing 360 Fitness Training to maintain her weight. This is her new exercise to keep boredom at bay on her fitness routine. A particular program she’s in, she does at 30 minutes only per day garnering the result of what could have been from an hour in the gym using machines. Perfect! I spend 5AM to 7PM at work and this blissful exercise is what I need.

Circuit training is a set of cardiovascular workouts done in fast and continuous manner with as little rest as possible for at least 30 minutes. At least this is what it means to me.

I checked out 360 Fitness Club as its location is near my office. I texted their contact person and registered also for a one-time free trial for circuit training. Their classes, services and instructions on how to sign up for a free trial can be found on their website. Less than 12 hours later, they called me to confirm my attendance for the schedule I indicated online.

360 Fitness Club resided in the same building where I tried Bikram Yoga. Please see my other post regarding it. Three Days of Bikram Yoga

After changing into my workout clothes and filling up some forms and waiver I was assisted by an instructor who would like to be called Coach Joshua.

There weren’t so many people inside the space of the gym dedicated for the 20 stations of Circuit Training. Apparently there is an on-going fitness class on the next room and that’s where most of the memebers are. According to Coach Joshua and the receptionist, the peak hour of the gym is after office hours. I was there between 8-9PM and it was definitely not crowded as we were only 3 persons there doing the training.

There were more instructors on the floor than gym-goers. Technically the floor can accommodate 20 people simultaneously transferring and doing the workout for each station but for safety purposes they allow maximum of 16 people on the floor.

I was given a blue plastic cup for the water break. I smiled arrogantly thinking, “Will I really need this?”I can run on treadmill for 30mins without drinking water-the reason why I did not bother to bring my own water bottle or the hope that they must have drinking fountains instead. I later on found out that on one station, all you really have to do is drink.

I was guided by the instructor to some quick warm-up.

Normally the 20 stations can be completed in 10 minutes. The fast music being played will be interfered by consecutive beeps and a voice-over saying “Time to move on to the next station” to signal the end of the 30 seconds dedicated to each station’s task. So there is no need to count and glance at your own watch. At a minimum, three sets are recommended but since I was just on a free trial, I can only do two sets at most.

There are five levels of fitness levels corresponding to five different sets of exercises which can be done for each of the 20 stations. Level 1 is for beginners and Level 5 is for athletes. The three levels in between are for weight loss and muscle toning. The programs or sets of exercises for each level for all station are changed every 3 months. Through the instructors who could personally train and design a specific program, the exercises you do per station may totally vary from what others are performing.

To risk not being injured and by virtue of my being a newbie on circuit training, I was put on Level 1. Here is what I did for the 20 stations.

1 Jogging in place
2 Grid Lift-compressing grid as it is being lifted
3 Jogging in place
4 Squats-with arms forward and bum touching the edge of a block
5 Jogging in place
6 Laying down feet near the butt then  lifting torso towards the ceiling
7 Jogging in place -high knees
8 Sitting and lifting supported by suspension straps
9 Jogging in place
10 Push-up (improvised for me ‘coz I can’t do this!)
12 Kettle bell lifts
13 Standing and lifting supported by suspension straps
14 Skipping on metal bars (don’t know how they are called) about 5 inches tall
15 Jumping jacks
16 Weight-lifting
17 Jogging in place
18 Lifting basketball from side to side while on Indian sit
19 Jogging in place
20 Planking

To increase the intensity I was instructed to just do the exercises on a faster pace.

The instructor offered me to stop upon completion of the first set. I think one of the members he personally trains arrived. I told him I will just do the second set on my own.

I sweated a lot. I wasn’t bored. I need more time to think if I should avail of the membership. If I would do the exercises at home I don’t think there will be any difference. As seen from the stations above, most can be done at home since they won’t need any equipment. What you will pay for in 360 Fitness Club like in any other gym is the motivation to utilize what you pay for.  Plus of course they offer classes other than circuit training. I know they have separate classes for grids, suspension training, kettle bell, etc which are already included when you avail of the membership. They also offer a ten-day pass.

They offer different rates for different times of the year. I told them I still have another membership from another gym and will be free on November so maybe they could give me quotations for that month. Unfortunately, they are still prohibited to do just that and gave me the prevailing rates instead.

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