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Guardian Dear

September 24, 2013

I was reading my recently-purchased book from St. Pauls shop from Ground Floor of SM Megamall  Building A called “ The Essentials of Catholic Spirituality” by Fr. Joseph F. Classen last Sunday. This book I read simultaneously with the “The Mysteries of Light”,an apotostolic letter from the late Pope John Paul II. In one of its chapters I found page 43 which discusses the presence or lack thereof of guardian angels.

The Mysteries of Light and The Essentials of Catholic Spirituality (Living and Breathing Our Faith)
The Mysteries of Light and The Essentials of Catholic Spirituality (Living and Breathing Our Faith)

Angels, for catholics are non-debatable. They exist, period. The guardian angels in question pertains to that angel supposed in one is to one ratio with every human being that intercedes our lives especially on moments of accidents and disasters. As a child, my Grade 1 teacher told me that our guardian angel is the Holy Spirit dwelling within us. Although my grandmother and mother attest to those specific moments in my infanthood when I was supposed to hit the floor hard from the bed but because of some miraculous unidentified reason I didn’t, I spent my childhood days reciting My Guardian Angel Prayer for school compliance sake. That is the go-to prayer of students who do not know what to utter when asked to lead the class prayer unprepared. After more than a decade last Sunday night, after reading the book that reads,

“Beside each believer stands an angel as protector and shepherd leading him to life,” Since this is so, as with the saints, it is important to develop a real realationship with these angels, especially our guardian angel. Asking our angels to pray for us, to pray with us, and to continually foster an awareness of their presence, especially at Mass, are important things to do in forming a real bond with them.

I decided to talk to “my Guardian Angel”. What I told him was casual and simple. Pleae present yourself to me in my dream if you are real but do not frighten me. I  specifically instructed him not to frighten me and I would like to emphasize that. Scared kid.

As how I spend most of my nights-dreamless that is-no guardian angel appeared in my dreams and I easily forgot about that request until the following Wednesday when me and boyfriend celebrated our mushy 57th month together. As a gift, he handed me a bag accessory that resembles, guess what? A guardian angel! The angel is aquamarine in color because as Patrick puts it, I was born in March and thus it is my birth color. I flipped through the back of the clear encasement and it reads, “My Guardian Angel” prayer.

Given to me as a gift three days after I told my own guardian angel to "see" me.
Given to me as a gift three days after I told my own guardian angel to “see” me.

Without goosebumps, I just sat on my sofa in stunned silence. I am usually plain teary-eyed when extremely happy. It reminded me of my prayer and how it was answered not in the venue I requested but in a manner that I requested – definitely non-frightening. I still don’t believe in guardian angels. Or maybe I do. Just not in the image my early teachers made them up on kid’s mind.Though I am not a fan, I believe in coincidences but at the same time I am not that unimaginative to deny series of events I even intentionally asked for. Maybe what is added to my faith right now is the belief that God really talks to us. He responds! 1.2 Billion of Catholics, a third of the world population who are Christians are not having monologues to a non-responding omnipresent being everytime they pray.

He has his way of talking to us. Maybe not in the dramatic, grand fashion that epiphany or apparitions to selected few saints, nuns and priests but just as special none the less. Listening and abiding to what He says is another story.

For the meantime, I am still just so amazed he replied. Well I know this isn’t the first time. He is talking to us all the days of our lives in different forms but last week’s incident was just so profound. He is always there. Sometimes maybe in the form of those unseen guardian angels or the Holy Spirit or sometimes in the form of that stranger who gave me a  free private ride from Tabang FX Terminal to MRT Nort Edsa Station amidst the long line and heavy rains. I delight in the discovery and recognition of facts that everyday rule beyond reason but ultimately I want to know more.

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