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An Afternoon of Grand Tierra Glass and Forest House Baguio

November 10, 2017

It just took me 48 minutes to renew my passport at DFA located in the Upper Basement of SM Baguio. The personnel there were very courteous and efficient. I had a relatively light breakfast at Vanilla Cupcake Bakery in Kamiseta Hotel this morning so when I went up to the food court at the ground floor, I ordered a savory bowl of nilagang baka right away. I considered to have lunch at Choco-late de Batirol but on the last minute changed my mind to visit Forest House near Camp John Hay instead. Nearer but still not a walking distance (1.7km) from Camp John Hay itself, a taxi ride is still needed especially for someone on a daytrip like me who carries a backpack for laptop and another small bag for clothes.

No regrets, though. Forest House also happens to be a bed and breakfast. But it’s their restaurant which garnered those high ratings on Tripadvisor. The interiors are charming and inviting  exuding that perfect ambiance which calls for some intimate glass of wine and a slice of blueberry cheesecake – with myself.

I asked the kind waitress for suggestions on what wine to get and she recommended Grand Tierra for me which is a bit sweet and not too strong. She let me taste it first to see if I liked it before pouring me a glass!

Another advantage of traveling is making pretend, or being really honest with yourself, depending on how you want to view it. I don’t drink. at all. Not an ml of alcohol has ever entered my system but here I am now, enjoying my first glass of wine ordered like pro. I know the cheesecake doesn’t match but I don’t care, those were what I wanted.

A glass of wine per day is good for the heart. That’s my main reason and yeah, I’m toasting for my solitude here. I really didn’t want to go to Baguio alone but that’s the circumstance I am in right now.. The problem is a bit privy but it’s as red as this wine. Sadness needs wine.

Forest House is equipped with strong wifi connection which is a good thing because nowadays it’s as vital as the good food you serve. I noticed that in the streets of Baguio, Globe is still not doing a very good job.

By the way, I searched how to drink wine for beginners and found this article very helpful. As mentioned by the waitress, cheesecake just doesn’t go with wine and this article affirmed it.

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