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Angels in Person

February 14, 2018
Angels in Person

I believe in guardian angels.  I wrote about it before. There have been many instances in the past when I thought and confirmed that mine exists but I’ll cite the one which happened just this week.

Busy with my mobile phone and that chat over lunch at the second floor of McDonalds, I wasn’t so mindful of my belongings. When lunch ended and we decided to return to the office I heard a voice from a man before we exited at the door on the ground floor. The voice called my attention by saying, “Miss!” I turned my head not to look for the man but for my wallet because based on his tone when he called me, it was as if I dropped something valuable. That’s when I realized that no, I didn’t drop my wallet or anything but yes, I had left my wallet on the second floor. I hurriedly went back upstairs and there I found my wallet lying on the table where I unintentionally had left it.

Thanks to that “voice” I did not lose yet another wallet with two important keys attached.

Those are everyday miracles that I recognize in  life – not “one for the books” but “one for my book”. Thank you, my guardian angel.

At the same time, these months when I’m still mending a broken self, I can feel God healing me by sending more angels in person my way. I’ve got my leccom friends who would also ask how I am, who would listen, make me laugh, console me and would share all sorts of stories of what is and what not to emulate. For some reason, they have this inexplicable sensitivity that reveals the sadness behind the smile curved on my lipstick stained lips. I appreciate them, I really do. And I thank God for sending them my way.

When we place our happiness in God’s hand, expect the unexpected. God amuses in surprising ways. If a tragedy didn’t strike me, I wouldn’t have had the chance to notice what God has been doing for me all along. That while I was too occupied chasing someone, a great God was chasing me all these times. I never realized how much God loves me until now, now when after 8 long years I found myself boyfriend-less for the first time.

I read somewhere (I’m suspecting it’s an IG post from Catholic Teen Post) a great answer to the often-thrown question, “What do you look for in a man?” Answer: God. It was a light bulb moment! That’s what I should look for in a man. If I found God in him, I’ll find every other good things thrown in.

Another proof for me that angels are real is this one particular priest who had let me really talk to him. That was extraordinary because this shy, silent but normally-thought-of-as-an-intimidating girl very seldom talk. Of course, all priests are there for the conversation but maybe they’d better off doing more pressing and more important things? This priest, though, would always look welcoming and would never fail on a Sunday to ask me how I am.

I always have this difficulty in answering the question, “Kumusta?” regardless of whoever asks. Do I have to really state how I am? Was it a question expecting to be answered spontaneously with “I’m fine. Thank you. And you?” Does it deserve an answer at all? If it was my boss asking do I have to make a litany of all the tasks I’m handling? That one-question word triggers the paranoia in me and lost not for words but in too much words, I’d often just smile when the priest asks me.
Until one day, in his homily he said something about social media and speaking up for our faith. And serendipitously, I had with me a newly released news magazine where I had written an article about how to be Catholics in the digital world. I mustered the courage to approach him after Mass and actually speak up.

He said very few words, as I can remember. Those were no less than memorable, too, but the impression that lasted was that, he listened. Our whole conversation may have not lasted two minutes but I felt like I said so much. And I shared one of the hardest things for me to share or talk verbally – my writing. I love writing because it eliminates the need for me to talk. Note: I read articles on how to manipulate someone to confide to you, a week after our conversation, as I was really amazed how he got me to do that.

Just how intently this doctor of sacred theology listened to an editorial piece of a lowly lay person? He got inputs from my article and used it in his homily the following hour! It felt like this amateur just won a writing contest -first prize!

For me, he’s an angel in person, too. More aptly said, he’s a priest of God and he’s doing an excellent job on being a bridge between God and His people. He would always address the crowd as “pinakamamahal kong mga kapatid (my most beloved brothers and sisters)”. I believe he means it.

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