Blogapalooza 2018: Elevate Influence

November 7, 2018

What is Blogapalooza?

Blogapalooza PH connects businesses and influencers in the Philippines. Annually, Blogapalooza organizes one-day event where businesses – usually startups – can meet influencers who can potentially advertise their businesses through blogs, vlogs, and social media pages. Works just as beneficial for infuencers who are just starting to make a name for themselves. Influencers are given opportunities, too, to work on affiliate programs of businesses and brands that they meet on the event. It’s a day filled with so much learnings from the various talks conducted by experts and  networking amongst brands and fellow content creators.

For 2018, the venue was City of Dreams Manila. Because of Saturday traffic, we had to drive for a total of 6 hours back and forth from Bulacan! But Blogapalooza 2018, held on October 27, from 10AM -8PM, was well worth it.

Blogapalooza PH 2018

How to Join?

Blogapalooza 2018 : Elevate Influence

Influencers just had to register to , complete his/her profile and wait for the confirmation that the profile is rated 5-star through email. The email confirmation serves as the pass to the event. I bravely asked if I could bring a plus one and I was allowed so I brought my sister with me. She just had to fill up an online form on the spot during the event and was given the same access, too, as mine.

Talks and Speakers

Here are the talks during the event:

  1. Transitioning from Traditional to Digital Media by Cristine Bersola-Babao
  2. Monetizing Youtube Content
  3. The Secrets to Instagram Domination by Nix Eniego
  4. Engaging Gen X/Xennials by Erika Padilla and Nadia Montenegro
  5. Data, Analytics, and Influencer Marketing by Miko David

Blogapalooza PH 2018

Blogapalooza PH 2018

Blogapalooza PH 2018

I was able to attend the talks given by Nix and Miko and the interview of the host, Janelle Tee, to Erika and Nadia.

If you like learning as much as  I do my sister does, you’ll love the talks given on Blogapalooza. In fact, the speakers kind of persuaded my sister to be more active digitally. As for me, as a blogger, I was searching online for various topics related to content creation and growing followers but I don’t see so much resources that really help. I got some questions answered on this event! For free! The answers can be found online, too, but I have to pay for courses fee so for me, the talks are my biggest takeaways from the event.

Brands and Businesses who joined

There were lots of brands, lots of games, and giveaways but here’s a rundown of my favorites. I found real value in these new business concepts and would love to try them myself.

Big Benta at Blogapalooza PH 2018
Big Benta is an online shopping platform but unlike others, includes not just products but services e.g. condo cleaning, spa services, car wash
Lex Meet at Blogapalooza PH 2018
Access legal advice online! Find a lawyer with just some clicks.
Seeker Pass at Blogapalooza 2018
Travelling to Siargao soon? Try Seeker Pass which gives you exclusive access to different tourist attractions in Siargao at a lower price.

Blogapalooza PH 2018Affiliate Marketing Opportunities

Equally valuable are the affiliate marketing opportunities I was given by different businesses from the event. Some of the businesses present there have bloggers, too, as part of their target market so aside from affiliate marketing I can think of some businesses opportunities, too, with the products and services that I met at Blogapalooza. Watch out for those on this website of mine next year. The possibilities are endless and Blogapalooza made me realize that! It’s one of my favorite emotions – the feeling that I have the world for the taking!

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