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Brewing Coffee Addiction

September 25, 2013
Starbucks Card. Can be obtained free of charge for a minimum  of Php 300 purchase.
Starbucks Card. This can be obtained free of charge for a minimum of Php 300 purchase.

Coffee is addictive. There are afternoons I just want to leave everything behind in the office just to get my Café Mocha fix. It’s one of my comfort drinks.


 I got my Starbucks Card from one of their stores in Gil Puyat Avenue on the ground floor of World Centre Building in Makati. The card is free of charge when I purchased drinks to treat my boss and my mentor. The card can be obtained with any purchase for a minimum of Php300.

Pretty much how Happy Plus Card of Jollibee works, one can reload the Starbucks Card at any Starbucks store in Php100 denomination (thru cash or credit card)  and can be used for any Starbucks product.

The card entitles the owner to one free grande beverage for every 12 beverage stars collected digitally through the card.                        

   1 Beverage Star = 1 handcrafted beverage purchased

   1 Whole Bean Star =  250g of whole bean coffee

    1 Starbucks Via Star= 12 packs Starbucks via Ready Brew

For every 10 whole bean stars one can get 250 g of whole bean coffee while for every 10 Starbuck via stars, you will be treated with 12 packs Starbucks via Ready Brew.

 I am close to getting my first free grande beverage. The card can be secured in case lost or stolen by registering it to their website http://www.starbucks.ph/. And oh, you automatically get free grande beverage upon registering! A happy treat,indeed.

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