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Bro. Carmelo Cortez and White Rose Petals

January 22, 2016
Bro. Carmelo Cortez Healing Petals

It’s the Feast of St. Ildephonse de Toledo on January 23. Novena is being held in the parish and after Holy Mass on the 4th day, Bro. Carmelo Cortez was invited to conduct his healing session.

I had this chance to participate and witness how he conducts healing session. For every one’s information, Bro. Carmelo is known for some extraordinary happenings in his presence. Holy images are  being imprinted on rose petals he uses during his healing sessions. He can also turn water into healing oil. Please know that I am trying hard not to refer to this as “miracle” as the things he can do are still not declared official.It will take looooong before it could be declared as such.  All I can say is that the current bishop -and the two bishops before him- endorses Bro. Carmelo. January 9, he was accompanied by Bishop Jose F. Oliveros, D.D., also for a healing session, in a church in Brgy. Tabang, Guiguinto, Bulacan

The rose petal placed on my upper chest during the healing session bears the image of Crucifixion.

. Bro. Carmelo also had an audience with Pope Francis.

Right after Mass, people started to line up so lay ministers could put oil in their forehead and palms. After that, they had to line up another for Bro. Carmelo to put one rose petal in their upper chest, “close to the heart”. I also lined up, and we were instructed to say a prayer before looking at the rose petal. It took me some seconds to recognize what image was imprinted on the rose petal placed on me. Mine had the image of crucified Christ (and St. Pope John Paul 2?).

Our Lady of Perpetual Help image on the rose petals my father got.

My father fetches me every after mass so I urged him to also come to Bro. Carmelo. He was one of the lasts so from the excesses, my father was given two handfuls of white rose petals.  We observed them upon reaching home and we were delighted to see image of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, the one we also have on our living room altar. (I have another story regarding the images we keep at home but I’ll save it for next future posts.) Some petals do not bear an image. Others in the parish got Sto. Niño, images of Mother Mary, saints, the Holy Host, etc.

Petals used in the healing session were plucked from ordinary white roses inside the sacristy as witnessed by lay minister.

A comrade lay minister claims to have seen how the rose petals were plucked inside the sacristy from ordinary white roses, then placed into a metal bowl which Bro. Carmelo carried with him the entire healing session. Objectively speaking, Bro. Carmelo couldn’t have had ample time to maliciously put images on hundreds of petals one by one, on his own, without anyone seeing it. If you know of ways on how we could have fraudulently done it, please share your thoughts.

Now, it may be a question if God uses Bro. Carmelo to heal. And there’s nothing wrong with that. We really should question things –  without being afraid of the answer. One thing sure is that Jesus heals! His love surprises us in ordinary and extraordinary ways. And if we only look around, it’s not hard to see miracles happening every second. There’s clearly not a drought of miracles but amazing displays of them in each rose petals may be very welcome additions.

My personal take, if anything doesn’t violate the Scriptures and it helps people be closer to God, then it’s a good thing.

2016 Calendars were also given to each family. Just to help spread the information printed there, a shrine called Diocesan Shrine of Mary Mother of the Eucharist and Grace located in San Vicente, Santa Maria, Bulacan, 3022 Philippines holds the following:

Sunday Mass-10AM

Healing Mass-(Every 1st Saturday)-12NN

Counseling (Every 1st Saturday)-Before the Mass

Prayer for the Sick (Every 1st Saturday)

Mass for Priest (Every 1st Thursday)- 6PM

Confession – before and after the Holy Mass

Bro. Carmelo may be reached through


You may follow or visit Bro. Carmelo’s Facebook account (search for “Carmelo Francesco Villanueva Cortez”). He can no more accept more friends but most vital posts are public. Every first Saturday of the month, he conducts healing sessions inside the shrine with vicinity map shown below for directions which is followed by Holy Mass at 12 noon.


You may also contact Tito Mon at (+632) 917 271 9917 for his travel schedule or how to meet him. May God bless us all.





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