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Victoria Sports Tower 2 Condo Unit

June 30, 2020
Victoria Sports Tower 2 Condo Unit

The condo unit I purchased was a pre-selling, one-bedroom condo unit of Victoria Sports Tower 2. Its developer is New San Jose Builders, Inc. NOISE POLLUTION If you’re in the city, inherently it will be noisier than the province. In choosing a condo, one thing you have to balance with the ease in access to […]

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5 Perks of Staying at San Juan Surf Resort

January 3, 2018
San Juan Surf Resort La Union review

San Juan Surf is popular hotel in La Union. It is located at Urbiztondo, San Juan, MacArthur Highway, San Fernando, La Union and is known for its affordable surfing lessons. It gets fully booked easily so make sure you make reservations and pay in advance if you intend to stay here. Our family enjoyed our […]

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Space EDSA: An Urban Dorm Review

July 13, 2017
Space EDSA Review

I always knew I was gonna end up alone. Just kidding. I don’t want this to sound as morbid like that but now I’m pretty sure I’m not cut out for co-habitating with just about anyone. I left the condo I’ve been renting with 5 other folks for more than three years and transferred to […]

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