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Christmas in Policarpio Street

December 15, 2015
Nativity Scene in Policarpio Street
Nativity Scene on one of the houses in the famed Policarpio Street, Mandaluyong City


I’ve been wanting to go to Policarpio Street years ago. Every year, local news channel covers this street in Mandaluyong City because of the houses- which one cannot distinguish as houses anymore because every inch is covered with Christmas lights.

House of Santa in Policarpio Street
Called House of Santa for obvious reasons, this is one of the reasons to brave Christmas traffic and locate Policarpio Street

How to go: From Boni MRT Station, ride jeepney with Acacia Lane signboard or any jeepney that will pass that lane (could be “Boni” or “Stop-N-Shop” signboards). Minimum fare.


Honestly, there’s not much to Policarpio Street. There were 3 houses in that street that are worth seeing but that’s it. Bless those who shoulder the electric bill and decorations costs just to make other people happy! But the rest of the street is just overrated by so much media exposure.

There were lots of small stalls or booths that sell cheap toys, food and even kitchen ware. We were done after thirty minutes or so.

House that matters no.3


House that matters no. 3. This one is my favorite.


Dainty little corner.
Here to grasp some of the Christmas vibe.
Even the palm trees of house no. 3 is decorated.

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