Cloves to Explore in Five Fingers

April 2, 2018
Five Fingers Mariveles Bataan

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Clove 1: Batman Cave, Five Fingers

Strategically, we were brought to the farthest cove from Laki Beach. It was around 25 minutes boat ride from the port. We witnessed a hawk hunting its brunch on the sea. That’s something we don’t get to see everyday, impossible even to expect such a sight in the city, so add that to the marvels of this place.

To set your expectation right, there’s not much to do in this cove. Some visitors who were here did not even bother to unload from their boats. But you can of course swim if you want and take pictures.

Batman Cave Five Fingers

Five Fingers Mariveles Bataan

Five Fingers Mariveles Bataan

Clove 2: Tinanlakan Cliff of Natsu Lagoon РCliff Diving

Boatmen said that highest point is around 40 feet. They can wait here for maybe an hour until you finally mustered the strength to jump. We took the opportunity to swim in its clear and deep water, too. In our case, the moment we landed, our three boys – my two brothers and senior citizen father – just climbed their way to the top and jumped right away one after the other.

My brother had put it this way. He jumped but one second after jumping that’s when he regretted his decision to jump! Like he wanted to go back to the top but he knew it was impossible! I knew that was such a thrill.

There are lower points for cliff-diving so for those who want to play it safe, like me, who did not even try to try 40 feet, you may still enjoy this cove.

Cliff Diving Five Fingers

Cliff Diving Five Fingers

Clove 3: Nagbintana Arc and Heart Arc

Sadly, no matter how ig-worthy the stones are, this is where my sister accidentally¬†obtained one inch of laceration on her feet because of the sharp shells covering the stones. It’s not the rocks that are sharp but the shells of dried mussel-like sea creatures attached to the rocks that are dangerous.

Be extra careful here but still immerse yourself in the amazing beauty of these rocks. Your boat should sail through the Arc of Nagbintana.

Nagbintana Arc Five Fingers Mariveles Bataan


Five Fingers Mariveles Bataan

Five Fingers Mariveles Bataan

Clove 4: Superman’s Kryptonite or Game of Thrones Seat

Aptly called because of the unique appearance of this rock formation. Since the place is still relatively untouched, the small lagoons found here and there contain little fingerlings, starfish and urchins . They are sites to behold, even under the scorching heat as it was exactly noon when we climbed the highest point of the rock formation.

Rock climbing will reward you of a view that frames the two arcs of Clove 3.

Five Fingers Mariveles Bataan

Five Fingers Mariveles Bataan

Kryptonite Rock Five Fingers

Five Fingers Mariveles Bataan

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