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Davao DIY: How to Spend 24 Hours in Davao (Part 1)

August 18, 2018
New Things to See in Davao

Davao is a gateway to Surigao. The first time I went here in 2013, I just had to pass through it, drop by an orchidarium and the Philippine Eagle Center with my luggage still in tow, then hurriedly hopped on a van bound for Hinatuan. This time around, I’m blessed to be in this durian city, but still without the sole intent of exploring it. We were delegates of the 4th National Catholic Media Convention held in Davao who decided to book our flights home one day after the event. We had 24 hours (Thursday afternoon to Friday night) to have a different look at Davao. Here on a blog post with two parts, I share with you our Davao DIY (Do-It-Yourself) itinerary detailing how to spend 24 hours in Davao.

Davao is a huge, wonderful city which is also the home of some of the freshest, most delectable suha, mangosteen, and marang in the world. It has beaches, waterfalls, museums, churches, nature and adventure parks that you can’t fully explore without spending several days in it. Here are just some suggestions if due to your circumstances you can only stay for too short of a time. Consider this a taste test of a variety of stuff Davao has to offer.

San Pedro Metropolitan Cathedral

Davao DIY TripAddress: San Pedro St, Poblacion District, Davao City, Davao del Sur

How To Go: Ride jeepneys going to San Pedro St or Bankerohan; try jeepneys with “Route 8” signages and pay for the prevailing minimum fare

Entrance Fee: FREE

What to See/Expect: Davao is predominantly (around 80%) Catholic. Witness the unwavering Catholic faith of Davaoeños inside this oldest catholic church in Davao which has been around since 1847, complete with traditional colored candles and cartoon-shaped balloons vendors outside for the most authentic church visit feels. It is also the seat of the current CBCP President Archbishop Romulo G. Valles, D.D.

Mass Schedule: Sundays -5AM(Cebuano), 6:30AM(English),8AM (Eng), 9:30AM(Ceb), 12NN (Eng), 1:30PM (Ceb), 3PM(Ceb), 4:30PM(Ceb), 6PM(Eng)

Mondays to Fridays – 6AM(Eng), 12NN(Eng), 5:30PM(Ceb)

Museo DabawenyoDavao DIY Trip

Address: Andres Bonifacio Rotunda, Poblacion District, Davao City, Davao del Sur

How To Go: Walk from San Pedro Cathedral. This is in front of the Andres Bonifacio rotunda.

Entrance Fee: FREE

Opening Hours: Mondays to Saturdays 9AM – 6PM; Closed during Holy Week

What to See/Expect: It’s educational, historical, free, and a guided tour at that! Appreciate how Davao recognizes, values, and preserves it’s tribal origins here in Museo Dabawenyo. Museums are of utmost importance if a traveler genuinely wants to know the city he’s exploring and this museum definitely provides that essential Davao 101. Generally, no photos allowed except on some designated areas.

D’ Bone Collector MuseumDavao DIY TripAddress: San Pedro St, Poblacion District, Davao City, Davao del Sur

How To Go: Take a cab; no direct jeepney routes to D’ Bone Collector Museum

Entrance Fee: Php100 per person

Operating Hours: 10AM – 5PM

What to See/Expect: There are only three of its kind in the world and one is in Davao. It’s three floors houses bone collections of American Darrell Dean Blatchley composed of land, aerial, and marine animals. The death of some animals, their story on how their bones arrived in this museum serve as a wake up call to be more conscious of how we treat the environment.

Duterte’s House

Davao DIY Trip Duterte's House

Address: Sapphire St., Doña Luisa Subdivision Phase I

How To Go: Cab

Entrance Fee: Free

What to See/Expect: You can park at the adjacent Jade Street which connects Dona Luisa to Quimpo Boulevard. That’s the nearest your vehicle can get. There’ll be soldiers at some checkpoints and you have to register and present one valid ID before you can be allowed to Sapphire St. There are houses with pop up stores selling mugs, souvenir shirts, and other Duterte memorabilia. You’ll be allowed to take pictures with the president’s standee in front of a green gate, under supervision of more soldiers outside his house.

Kadayawan Village

Address: Magsaysay Park, Ramon Magsaysay Ave, Poblacion District, Davao City, Davao del Sur

How To Go: Ride jeepney with Magsaysay or “Route 10” or Sta. Ana Pier or Leon Garci signages. Ask locals as this is a popular landmark.

Entrance Fee: Free

Operating Hours: 5AM – 9PM

What to See/Expect: Davao traces its origin from eleven identified tribes whose culture, music, and arts are on display in this living museum. You can also buy native souvenir items from the tribe members themselves or at a store which is also located inside Magsaysay park.

Jack’s Ridge

Address: 117 Shrine Hills Rd, Talomo, Davao City, Davao del Sur

How To Go: Cab

Entrance Fee: Free

Operating Hours: 10AM – 11PM

What to See/Expect: The road and view is comparable to Antipolo. Jack’s ridge is a go-to dining experience up on a subdivision on a hill. We ate at Taklobo Restaurant and the foods are just superb, you won’t regret the waiting time in this somehow crowdy place especially during peak hours. Try their tuna and pomelo salad. The fresh buko they serve is easily the sweetest I’ve tasted in life. Thailand’s buko juice naturally has a strong hint of pandan flavor and it was so amazing, too, but Davao’s fresh buko wins the saccharine game, hands down. They will even grate the coconut meat for you. FInish everything with a hot cup of durian coffee or durian hot choco at Karlo’s Gourmet and Coffee.

Apo ni Lola and Lola Abon’s Pasalubong Store

Address:#28 San Miguel Village, Matina 8000 Davao City and 23 San Miguel St, Matina, Davao City, 8000 Davao del Sur

How To Go: Cab or ride a jeepney with Matina, Bangkal, Puan, Talomo, Bago, Toril signages. You will be dropped by the driver along the highway. Just walk your way to these popular stores.


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