Early Morning at Mines View Park

November 7, 2017

As soon as I was able to buy a return ticket at Victory Liner to Cubao, I rode a taxi to Mines View Park. The morning feels were just perfect. There are not a lot of tourists in Mines View as early as 6am so I had the luxury of having the place to myself for some minutes before some early birds also took plight.

Mines View park is way better than how it was 4 years ago. There are stairs and nicely paved ways now going down to the viewdeck. The road used to be covered by uneven rocks when I was last here. The flowers are still as lovely while the mountains, from my literal point of view, looked better now with the morning clouds still strewn in the scene.

Of course, that big St. Bernard dog is still in the park as a tourist attraction. It’s just a different dog, though.

I am so not close to climbing Mt. Pulag at this time of my life but a sea of clouds whenever I’m inside a plane – or on view decks like this which is far too few – is always a welcome idea. Most of my weekday mornings are started by the busting noise of EDSA so this sight is definitely a far cry from my routine.

Here in Baguio for the sole purpose of renewing my passport which I finished in less than an hour. The rest of the day is for rediscovering the beauty of Baguio in a different time, different disposition from last time, with a different me.

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