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When I Learned What Exultet Means

April 8, 2016



I’m still on a “high”, so to speak. This year’s Holy Week makes me happy, surprisingly because for years, happy means spending Holy Week in a beach or any travel escapade. I myself, can’t believe that I’m loving what little things I do now  to serve in Mass and the parish.To be honest, those “little” things are energy-draining and a different kind of taxing. But amidst the buzz, stress, nervousness, and error, it’s all worth it. Fulfillment was just a word before all of these,  you know what I mean?

As said, all things when done with love becomes easy, so maybe love fuels the things I do.  The calling I responded to  opened opportunities for me to experience God more. I know I’ll always be in love with the beauty of the Liturgy no matter where I experience it. Needless to say this year is so far, my happiest Easter.


We, in the Commission on Social Communications,  attended the Chrism Mass in the Cathedral, also attended by the priests of St. Ildephonse of Guiguinto and all the other priests of Malolos Diocese. The cathedral was jam-packed so we had to hear Mass standing outside. A simple lunch was served back in the parish where the parish priest gave us guidelines on what to post for Holy Week.

At night, Lectors and Commentators Ministry had its turn for the vigil of Eucharistic Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.


Spot my siblings! There they are (5th, 6th, 7th folks from right) singing the Lord’s Prayer.Photo from Facebook page of PCY Malolos Cathedral.

Slowly, I am inviting my whole family to join church activities as well. Maybe that’s also one of the reasons of my gladness. I’m praying this is the start. Upon scanning the photos from the official Facebook page of the Parish Commission on Youth, I found out my siblings were caught in more photos than me in the ambo – which is good, which is nice. 🙂

During Good Fridays the faithful remembers the Death of Jesus on the Cross. This year is my second time to witness this.

Tears are falling from the people around. I’m holding back mine as the recently concluded meditations on the Seven Last Words of Jesus are beyond heartfelt.

The Seven Last Words was from 12noon – 3pm. One by one, The 7 Last Words were  read by a lector, then a priest or a religious explains it followed by a prayer of the faithful then by a song. One must be physically prepared to do this. If one had been lacking sleep due to the numerous activities from previous days, staying inside the cathedral – with summer scorching outside seeping through the church’s walls – is a challenge.

I was able to pick up a few lessons for my daily life and here’s my favorite: Do not think God abandons you during tough times. It’s in those moments that He is more at work and in touch with you. It’s simple, practical and doable. I have an inkling to words that can be applied everyday, because for me religious teachings don’t have to be “other worldly” all the time. This life, though it’s just a preparation for the next, is still life before eternity. Jesus Christ walked this Earth! And that must be for a very good reason.

Surprise: My whole family lasted until 3PM! I can imagine them feeling a bit tortured 😂but I’m happy they experienced this. Hopefully, we could be able to do this with more devotion in the years to come.


Before, I didn’t know Easter begins on Saturdays. I thought Easter begins after a child playing the role of an angel starts singing Regina Coeli.

The beauty of teaching others is that one can relearn or teach himself also in the process. I learned and shared this post from Catholic Link on our parish Facebook page about Holy Saturday. On this day, we celebrate: The Body of Jesus in the Tomb, Awaiting for the Resurrection, Jesus Descended into Hell and the Loneliness of Virgin Mary.

At night, paschal candle was lighted, Exultet (The Proclamation of Easter) was sung, the choir was awesome, there were lots of priests who co-celebrated the Mass and the bishop was there.

Happy Easter! With Father and Monsignor and the rest of the Lectors for the first Mass after Holy Thursday.

I was assigned to proclaim the First Reading. I was nervous hours before but on the event itself, I was at peace.

I wanted to say that the Easter Vigil felt magical, enchanting, grand, but Filipino couldn’t have put it much better. This celebration is “maringal”! I am just so thankful that I was given this opportunity to witness how Easter Vigil is being done. It’s splendid, it’s joyful, and yes, Easter is happier than Christmas! Everything seems and feels brand new.

I’m hoping the effects of Easter will accompany me the rest of the year. If I were to get an image now for my room, or my own future house, I’d choose the image of the Risen Christ. “We are the Easter people! Alleluia is our song!”

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