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A Talk by Mr. Howie Severino: Fake News and Journalism for Peace

June 19, 2018

Every journalist should have a crusade. Whatever the crusade is, it should be anchored with the truth. I would like to share with you some of the key notes heard from a talk reagarding fake news given by GMA-7 host and award-winning journalist, Mr. Howie Severino to the Social Communication Commission of the Diocese of Malolos regarding fake news.

fake news talk Howie Severino
Someone coined “malita” or “maling balita” as Filipino translation of fake news. News should be truthful and should be based on pure facts so news being “fake” is quite misleading. Despite its impact and the virality of how it crept into societies at large, fake news and its concept should be explained more thoroughly now more than ever. Any form of government, especially democracy, where public vote and opinion shapes what is socially right and wrong “depends on well-informed citizens making wise decisions. Fake news make that impossible.”
fake news talk Howie Severino
The speaker presented an interesting psychology behind the fake news trap. Backfire Effect states that: When your deepest convictions are challenged by contradictory evidence, your beliefs get stronger. The truth will set us free. Just how hard it is for someone to accept the truth to free him is the challenge our DNA so resist. If Backfire Effect is to be believed in, it means one can never really win an argument online.
One of the most important things I learned from the talk: We have a serious responsibility to ensure that we get our news from reliable sources. We need truth. We deserve it! It is extremely true and saddening especially when I see Facebook friends just chewing whatever garbage they are fed by manipulators from both sides of opposing political fence.
battling fake news.
Discernment with the light of Christ. Complementing the secular view of battling fake news are the spiritual guidelines Rev. Fr. Nick Lalog, Commission Head and blogger for The Lord is My Chef gave. Pope Francis’ message for the 51st World Communications Message is a gem of its own, too, regarding this fake news topic.

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