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Fast to Feed this Lent

February 28, 2017

This painting remains as one of the most moving paintings I have seen. I appeal to your kind hearts to contemplate on this for yourself and after that, please visit http://hapagasafeeding.com/donate.

Hapag-asa is a sustainable feeding program of the Catholic church. It has an efficient program structure to make sure that objectives are met when it comes to decreasing prevalence of malnutrition in the Philippines. It designs and conducts trainings for parents of malnourished children for preparing nutritious food. They also have livelihood programs to teach parents “how to fish” and actually put food on their own table.

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. It entails fasting and abstinence, you know the drill or read my older post here. Today being the last day of the month is also pay day so please, millenials like me, before we burn our hard-earned money, let’s consider supporting Hapag-asa. This is a very good opportunity to start and live out the beautiful season of Lent. Learn more about this cause by visiting http://hapagasafeeding.com.

When we fast but do not give or donate our food money to those who need it most, that’s called dieting and not fasting. The sacrifices we are making should bear fruit and should be beneficial to other people because really, there is no need to suffer without a cause. God doesn’t wan’t us hurting for nothing.

TIP: If the process of donating is a bit laborious because of your circumstances, I suggest giving generously to Pondo ng Pinoy loosely referred to as that second collection towards the latter part of the Mass. Feeding the hungry is one of the many causes it supports.

How about you? What were the ways you could share to practice fasting and abstinence every Lenten season? Any devotion you’re making to observe Lent? Please share on the comments section below.

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