Flower Market: Pak Klong Talad

August 1, 2017
Pak Klong Talad

Two months and here I am still blabbing about the things I’ve seen. Needless to say, I enjoyed and learned a lot from that 6 days in Bangkok and thought I might share with you some of the same and peculiar. If anything, a scratch in the surface of Thailand’s rich culture and history has given lots of posts to work on amidst the business of a crazy, fulfilling job, and some relentless overthinking. Blogging is one way of keeping the memories forever, not inside the cyber world where its lasting search-ability is for 3 years max, but in the mind of those who really read the entries and took it to heart and of course the writer and traveler who like me could’ve spent two trips to CBTL in a single day to diligently organize and publish this. Typhoon Gorio is ravaging north of our archipelago as I write this. What was most of the time a busy commercial place can now be liken to a ghost town – and I like it more like that.

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Bangkok’s version of… Dangwa!

Pak Klong Talad

Due to the limits of my travels so far, my comparisons are lame but hopefully relateable to the average folks just starting to see the world. One of the first impressions I had of Bangkok is its abundance of flowers (I first noticed this in the airport). A fan of Korean drama, Goong (Princess Hours), would surely know that in the story, Crown Prince Gian went to Thailand for an official visit. Stubborn as he was, he escaped the strict palace protocols and went out on his own, ran away from paparazzi riding a tuk tuk, rode one boat of the floating market enroute to a speaking engagement, and exchanged his expensive watch for an armband of flowers! Despite the misfortunes of that day, those flowers prettily made up for it by inspiring him to give a commendable speech, siting the flowers as a national symbol of amazing Thailand spirit.

Literally just passed by between a Grand Palace tour and before loading the boat for the River Tour, my trigger happy fingers and curious eyes found these sights nothing short of delightful.

Truly, a flower is a flower because it puts beauty wherever it is found. Home-grown and imported flowers are sold here. We visited the place mid-morning but the peak of selling activities here happen between 3:00 to 4:00AM.

Flowers here are sold in bulk or wholesale at a lower price. Like our national flower, sampaguita, a significant type and amount of flowers are sold here are for religious purposes.

What shouldn’t be taken literally is its name. Bangkok’s Flower Market isn’t exclusively for selling of flowers alone. At the farther back section nearer to the river pier are stalls and stores of spices, fresh vegetables, bread, etc.

A remarkable scene which caught my eyes, too, was this temporary barber shop, giving free hair cut to the poor, in honor of their late, beloved king, King Bhumibol Adulyadej. The kingdom is still mourning the death of its king and you can tell that they mourn in the right ways.

More than just enticing, more than being on-point macro shot subjects of pollen and petals which are undoubtedly more than enough to tell a soul tale, flowers can also tell stories of what these floras have silently witnessed through the ages. Sometimes we got to let their colors and shapes talk to us, too.


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