“From Grit to Great”, A Belle de Jour Power Planner Fair 2014 Highlight

October 23, 2014

 “Do not forget who the real enemy is.”

Eye on the prize, baby! Quoting Hunger Games is clever as its obvious he considered the age bracket of his audience. Although I’m 26 and had never seen any Hunger Games movie (how many are there, really?), I thought that’s one of the good points of Jonathan Yabut, the winner of Apprentice Asia. He conducted the first talk of the BDJ Fair 2014 held last Sunday, October 19 at Mall of Asia Music Hall.

The best talk I've attended so far. I also attended the BDJ Fair 2013 and Beauty Social Gorgeous Camp 2014.
The best talk I’ve attended so far. I also attended the BDJ Fair 2013 and Beauty Social Gorgeous Camp 2014.

I think what I learned from his talk is “diskarte”. We have to strategize well for our goals. Steam iron and energy drink were minor things which turned out to be big factors for his win in the show that bagged him his lucrative career now. Quality really is in the details. We have to mind the smallest of things so when opportunity comes we are ready.

I’m also a true believer that it’s not always the smartest, most beautiful nor the richest that wins in life. They are the people who have the grit for their search and fulfillment of purpose in life. And of course, definitely no overtime! I’ve handled people, too, during my so far few years in the corporate world. I also see some officemates who do that a lot and I just don’t applaud working overtime. Of course, sometimes work would call for it but to do it habitually look inefficient for me. For both the company and the employee, overtime is unproductive.

Working smart, not hard is also one of my favorite lines from Dr. Gregory House of House, M.D., my favorite American tv series. Simplify. Prioritize. Strategize.

I want a friend and an officemate to read Jonathan’s insights about leadership. I hope it’s in his book which was also sold inside the BDJ Fair of the same title as his talk, “From Grit to Great”. I now know what to give him for Christmas.

Also, he mentioned how he researched regarding his then potential employer, Tony Fernandes, which reminds me I should do my own preparation for a dinner with the chairman next week. sv01_pv02_00000116_scaled_175x175

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