Goblin Tour in Quebec

December 26, 2019
Goblin Canada

Gong Yoo is Goblin! Good news for Goblin fans who would take their fan girling to Quebec – the shooting locations are near each other. With good weather, you can tick off all locations with a good half day to one whole day max.

Also, I did not pay for anything. No entrance fees whatsoever. Not even transportation because Old Quebec is explored by walking. There are in fact walking tours which you could join for a fee. I think I also found something like a Goblin walking tour but I did not avail it. I got Sunny Tour Guide instead and she’s responsible for all the great photos I now have. I strongly recommend her especially if you’re travelling alone.

I was here for 3 days, when it’s snowing outside. All scenes at Quebec were taken during autumn so if you want the exact same photos best if you go here around August to October.

Like most “high”, I’m expecting this travel high to eventually wear off. As of this writing, I’m still there! Quebec is just so beautiful. I still can’t believe I was there.

Here are my photos beside some screen captures as seen on the K-drama.

This is the facade of the famous Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac. In Goblin, this hotel is owned by Gong Yoo’s character. Today, this hotel is the most photographed hotel in the world. You may book your stay here. One night during snow (low) season is around Php8,500. Not bad isn’t it? Let’s go inside!

Guess which photos are mine and which are screen grabs from Goblin. I walked through this revolving door and said to my self, “this can’t be happening!” You can enter Hotel Chateau Frontenac even if you’re not checked in here. This is just the hotel lobby and in this lobby, you will also find this:

The mailbox. Spoiler alert: the letter Erin sent from this hotel to herself back in Korea plays an important role in bringing her memories back. There were Filipinos in this lobby when I was here. They were there for the same reason as I. One advantage of visiting during winter is that there are less tourists grabbing for the same tiny photo spot.

Am I confusing you right now?

Is Chateau Frontenac intimidating? Not at all because like any 4 or 5 star hotels, it is a venue for several conferences everyday. So random people, not just those who are booked in the hotel, can be found loitering, shopping, checking out art and artifacts displays, snapping photos, or even drinking coffee inside Starbucks also found in the hotel’s lower floor.

Take this pamphlet found inside the hotel lobby as a guide for your tours and as a souvenir. Quebec is French-speaking so most materials are written in French though because Old Quebec in my opinion is a touristy place, English is also welcome. I’ve been warned about how Quebec can be a bit discriminating to those who can’t speak French. It’s not true at all. Most are very kind and warm to foreigners.

La Boutique de Noel. Hayh! This is where a lot of things happened. The “first date” and of course “the kiss”. I saw La Boutique de Noel, a souvenir shop known for its Christmas decor, Christmas cards, snow globes, and everything which falls under the theme of White Christmas, while I was looking for a restaurant. I wasn’t intentional, at least not yet, though it was of course on my bucket list.

It is so close to my hotel, and right around Quebec Cathedral. I was in this store everyday that I was in Quebec contemplating which item to take home. I saw a figure of an angel reading from a book like a lector. It has tiny, sparkling lights inside it and I instantly felt that it’s “the one” as it resonates with my soul. My soul. Buying is really emotional.

This store is a tourist spot in itself. It’s the most jampacked I’ve seen in all the stores at Old Quebec. There are a lot of people taking photos inside and outside of it. The store hangs pictures of Goblin’s stars as proof that they were here.

And we come to this part. This famous, magical red door is located at Quartier Petit Champlain. This street is dubbed as the most charming street of North America and when you’re there, you’ll understand why. It’s beautiful during summer, spring, fall, winter. It’s beautiful during the day, it’s lovelier during the night! It looks stunning when you’re there solo during the early morning, and still looks good in photos even with the crowd when it is in its true form as a busy district.

There is one important thing I missed. What is this door in reality? In Goblin, everybody knows the importance of this door. When I was there, I did not bother to inquire. It was closed all the times I was in Petit Champlain.

Petit Champlain has lots of stores and restaurants. In the farthest end, on the last store, I was even able to meet a nun who gave me lots of free things. Being a Filipino Catholic, I’m not used to people telling me, “Here is a list of God’s Ten Commandments”.  It’s being taught to us since we were kids but here in Quebec, judging by my single experience of an anticipated mass inside the cathedral and its attendance, the Catholic church is in a missionary mode. Definitely not in the “maintenance” mode.

Petit Champlain is in “lower town” Old Quebec (Chateau Frontenac is in the upper town). It’s either you take the furniculaire at CAD3.25 one way trip or you take these stairs where Erin said “I love you” for the first time – and not mean it.

Winter as you would know isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite season. And it’s for a reason. Case in point, this Fountain of Tourny (Fontaine de Tourny) could have looked something like that on the lower left. With water. As in a fountain. Not covered with white whatever.

I bet this fortifications could have looked differently, too, without snow. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site originally built on 1620’s. Maybe there could have been other tourists aside from the hard-headed, foolish me. Maybe I would have known that minus 12 degrees with people is way hotter than minus 12 degrees without no one else around. I almost regretted going here, setting up tripods, etc. It eventually felt so cold I was having difficulty breathing and the next street with at least another soul was like 1km away. Bad. Don’t do these if you’re alone.


Now, these photos were taken without the intention of playing the Goblin’s bride. These are random photos I took with my camera which I later on found out after replaying the K-drama, are also “Goblin spots.” Horses in Quebec are double or triple the size of horses in the Philippines! That was just my intent in capturing this scene. Yes the building on the background is Chateau Frontenac. That hotel is to Quebec what CN Tower is to Toronto. They are constant photo bombers.

This photo, too, I took this when I was looking for Petit Champlain and got lost along the way. Why doesn’t Google Maps work in Old Quebec? It was starting to snow and I had to put my camera in the bag but I though, wow, this is the “mural” I saw on IG so I took photos of it. In Goblin, episode 4, this wall was shown too for some seconds.

So basically, fan girling in Old Quebec is effortless. Just be there, explore the place by foot and you will be naturally drawn to the places where these lovers had been.

This is a string of restaurants which I took photos of while looking for something to eat. They were there, too.

Lastly, Plains of Abraham. The last scene of Goblin was taken here and again, with Chateau Frontenac at the background. The tombs are computer graphics so don’t expect to see those at this historic place. Plaines d’ Abraham is also overlooking Quebec port.

Shooting locations of Goblin in CanadaThis is the shot that inspired me to take all the troubles of going to Quebec. This is what I had in my mind and I was able to get it and more. I want it I got it. So it really made me happy. This is the highlight of my Quebec trip and it makes me so happy for a long time. Very long time. Like nothing can break the spell. Not even the driver who broke two panels of my car. That sort of happy vibes.

I’m so grateful I was able to start Christmas 2019 in Maple Country and in Quebec no less. I did not even dare dream of this so for getting things that I don’t deserve, I’m grateful.

My favorite scene in Goblin actually wasn’t filmed in Quebec. It was in a ski resort in Korea.

That scene when Erin was about to die of hypothermia and she doesn’t have a lighter or candle or mobile phone with candle with her to call the Goblin. Maybe she had. For sure she had but who can move or even think straight when real hypothermia starts kicking in? So she just said, “Be with me. I love you” and then the street lights naturally turned off signaling that she was able to summon the Goblin nonetheless. The next scene was the dramatic scene of the Goblin rescuing her, saving her from death.

My most fervent prayers, I say with lighting candles. It has something to do with me trying to make tangible the divine. It helps, it’s effective, it really does. But that scene, with me traveling alone in my first transatlantic destination, in minus 12 degrees, first-ever-snow-experience cold,  made me realize it’s not about the candles. That the one who loves us the most graciously hear us anywhere we are, with or without candles. Just ask Him to be with you and He’ll be there right away. Only say the word.

Of course there are those who wish to be in Quebec for Quebec’s sake alone. Some travel tips and suggested itinerary on my next blog posts.




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