Graffiti in SG

July 21, 2018
Graffiti in Singapore

Graffiti, though noticeably prevalent in Singapore, isn’t exactly what you came here for. Found both in nooks and the upstreet, this art can be experienced once one decided to explore just a tiny bit away from the usual tourist spots. A walk under the blistering heat bound to nowhere usually leads to colorful walls which are either easily ignored or a go-to place on its own.

Graffiti to me means that a community encourages creativity. That it honors the crazy but human angst that pleads expression. That it does not discard scribbles, paintings, and writings on the walls as just meaningless vandals. Instead, emotions are proudly put on display channeling perceived darkness, weirdness, non-conformity into beautiful ways.

On our way back from one MRT ride outside of Somerset station to Hotel Jen, we passed by a skateboard park where ramps are on the opposite spectrum of plain black and grey. After a morning swim before heading to yet another touristy spot, I gave my self liberty to spend time being clicker-happy with graffitis of nearby Youth Scape Park located between Grange Road and Orchard Link. During travels, when you have the chance to not experience a lot of things all at once, that’s the best time to snap those photos. Especially abroad where nobody knows you or nobody minds, that’s where you take sweet time setting up that tripod and click your heart and poses away.

My sister told me not to pose pictures that tells I’ve completely lost it. They turned out to be my favorites so here they are anyway. While shooting these, there were some passers by with their curious – annoyed even – look. It was just so liberating not to care at all! Graffiti make really good background endangering you to run out of sd card memory if you’re not too careful. Have fun!

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