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September 12, 2020
goblin kdrama in canada

I suddenly remembered I still have a blog. One of my many email addresses prompted me yesterday about an inquiry from a reader. If not for her, I won’t really be touching this website. Dropping here some mundane thoughts in one of the same Saturday afternoons I’m having because of the current situation I’m in.

Random Thought #1: Just how competitive the job market or the corporate world is? You have to be overqualified to at least be noticed.

Random Thought #2: Fresno Agno in Rizal is now open. But one needs to secure a medical clearance along with other 4 documentary requirements like quarantine pass and travel pass to site just 2. I inquired from Malolos City Information Office Facebook Page, which is proving to be adequately responsive, the procedures on how to secure a medical clearance.

For my specific purpose, which is to visit an agro-tourism farm, MCIO said I shold secure barangay certifcate stating that I’m not a PUI (Person under Investigation) or PUM (Person under Monitoring). Then I should proceed to PNP office so they can process there my clearance and travel authority. I haven’t started anything yet to secure that clearance. No concrete plans yet but I really want to visit that farm where the Milky Way is visible at night and there’s sea of clouds during daytime. I have to be really frugal during this pandemic – that’s one reason. Maybe I can go there to celebrate a successful process or milestone in my career. Hope it happens this September. Let’s see.

Random Thought #3: I’m rewatching Goblin and the scenes shot in Quebec which are present in most episodes (every opening actually shows Frontenac Hotel), still makes me happy. It felt like a dream. I don’t regret the times I traveled despite and in spite of. They have enriched my life and those are the memories I really hold on to when times are tough. I’ll emerge through this pandemic wiser and more eager to see more of the world. As my sister said, people who did not travel before the pandemic should realize now that they were in the wrong. Anyway, we have postpandemic to make up for it.

Random Thought #4: New Zealand is just Php22000 airfare away. When things are better, let’s go for it.

Random Thought #5: I feel like I can still save my condo. The bank isn’t so eager to collect so I think I still have 2-3 months to settle. I can recover by that time. I’m confident with this even if I’ve no tangible proof. I just can feel it. Based on past performances 🙂 Stocks? speaking of stocks, i already sold at a lost. COL Financial was so easy to transact with. I wasn’t so familiar with the processes anymore but their resources online and their customer support (through mere Facebook Messenger) really helped. I’m this close to selling jewelry, too. So this is another note for when I rally from this predicament. Invest on jewelries!

To end this on a good note, here are some stills from Quebec with Goblin feels courtesy of Stuck in Love from the Kdrama’s OST.

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