Hope Run 2017

December 3, 2017
Hope Run 2017

Hope Run 2017Unevidently, I love my body and am proud of it. Never been confined in a hospital, my only trips to clinics are because of relatively mundane causes like: something got caught in my eye, allergies, flu (which doesn’t even come every year, thus, in no need of a flu vaccine), cat scratches or dog bites, and shoulder pain.

Nothing serious, comparatively speaking. Most clinic trips, I just took either in the name of utmost self-care and preservation or as an excuse for  sick leave.

Just recently, I felt 5/10 pain in my right foot and as part of aggressively taking control, I’m currently undergoing therapy sessions for it. Running, probably the only accessible sports I find joy in doing, has been affected, as therapists caution me from prolonged walking even from just Megamall (near my office) to Shangrila (Healthway). I just nodded. I didn’t bother to divulge that I’ll be joining a 5k fun run on a weekend.

And so I woke up every hour of the night until clock striked 3am when we had to drive to SM MOA By the Bay for this year’s Hope Run by Kids Hope Founation. Some time ago last September, I was looking for a fun run to join in and saw Hope Run with such a  uniqe concept frontlined by such an outstanding cause.

Runners who have to run in capes and mask is a refreshing concept. Hope Run is for the benefit of children with special needs. The registration fee proceeds help fund this advocacy. The gathering of “heroes” help raise awareness that there is so much work to be done for another special and extraordinary life apart from themselves. One out of  100 children is diagnozed with Down Syndrome, autism, DHD, and cerebral palsy.
With my right calf taped, I finished 5k (2.9km straight run, 400m walk, 1.7km run) strongly. I was amazed, too, that with my plantar fasciitis on, I was able to have ran 2.9km straight, the strongest I had been in a long time. May be nothing for the runner next door but that was the overweight, injured, practiceless, sleepless me!

Endless gratitude to HopeRun for helping others discover the heroes inside of them, in small ways today, in bigger things tomorrow. Once you find a noble cause to fuel your run, you’ll rethink the days when you allowed yourself to run for nothing. Special thanks to my sister, too, who accompanied me and patiently waited for me at the finish line.

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