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How to Save a Flushed Cellphone

November 3, 2016

           Sometimes life hands us a series of unfortunate events to which we respond to stupidly. I just burnt a pair of pants. Some 12 hours later, I flushed my Samsung J5 2016 in the toilet bowl. Flushed. My Cellphone. Into the Toilet. Wow!

             It just dawned on me that when I am happy I seem to act overly ecstatic. As a young kid, after my parents came home from Manila to buy us new clothes and Lego toys, I bumped my head into wall as I happily and haphazardly lie in bed. Now, from the relief of how my report at work is going, I mindlessly went in to the restroom and did something stupid that could’ve caused me my third cellphone in the span of a year.


            My Cherry Mobile Flare S4 got snatched from my Jansport bag after one Sunday Mass when I was so happy because of a conversation between me and a priest. I went to Malolos market feeling light, positive, happy and all that. Maybe my faith in the goodness of people was just all too out there that evil took notice and wanted to take  that happiness away. That was my first time to be snatched off of something. My SSS UMID ID which I had replaced was in the pocket of that cellphone’s cover.

            So I moved on and replaced that stolen cellphone with LG G4. This time, I used it without any protection whatsoever and broke its upper right corner screen. I was pissed off with a coworker at that time, then come break time I headed to a bank to withdraw money. I was about to enter the bank’s door but my cellphone slipped from my hands.

            I knew the replacement will cause me thousands but since it was still working so fine, I did not bother to have it repaired. Some months after, it had trouble recharging until it heats up alarmingly. Logo will appear longer than usual when being started until time came that the only thing it does is to restart and restart. I was told by the service center that the motherboard has to be replaced already since reprograming it won’t be of help. Replacing the motherboard also meant me paying cash which is also tantamount to a new LG G4. Warranty was void because of the broken screen and I couldn’t do anything.

            Nobody, even LG and Smart would want to listen to my concern and reasoning. I later found out that LG really has this very bad reputation when it comes to replacement of parts and aftersales. That’s unfortunate as its camera is really good if not the best there is for mobile phones. When I purchased G4, it was the only handset which could shoot at raw.

          journalyn So I moved on to Samsung J5 2016 after giving it much thought. I bought it for 12,000Php just maybe 3 weeks after it was launched in the Philippines. The moment I bought it, I already received a screen protector and a cover as gift from a friend. I promised myself I would take much care of it and was doing just fine until what happened last Thursday.

            Imagine me seeing on my Facebook memories that I had just bought my LG G4 a year ago and here I am again, settling on Myphone J1 Mini, a bestseller of this low-end cellphone brand while waiting for my Samsung to dry up completely.

            I decided to write this post to drop you guys some tips on what to do when you accidentally had your phone soaked in water and injected it with pressure at the same time (ex. you flushed it in a toilet bowl, forgot to remove it from your laundry and tossed it inside a washing machine, jumped to a swimming pool while cellphone’s inside your pants, flood).

            It was a blessing in disguise that the accident happened inside a restroom. There were plenty of tissue paper and there was a hand dryer.

  1. Do not lose your presence of mind as you have to be on top of the situation. You got to act faster than the water can short circuit the device. Remember that you have only one goal: dry up the device completely to avoid the electronic parts from short-circuiting.
  2. Immediately turn off your cellphone. In my case, I wanted to long press the power off button but my phone doesn’t seem to want to do that as it had to prompt this message that one sim card is already not recognized. Then, it vibrated. Somehow vibrations on cellphones already traumatized me as this was what was happening to LG G4 before it completely malfunctioned.
  3. I dried the exterior with toilet paper before opening it just to make sure I don’t add up to the water inside. Remove the sim cards, micro sd cards and battery (if you can).
  4. Bury the phone in uncooked rice. For me it helped because it absorbs moisture plus it served as insulation from too much heat as I had the phone sleep overnight inside the office’s generator room. This was the first 24 hours
  5. I did not turn it on until 3 days have passed. On the second day, it was sitting on room temperature, still buried in grains of uncooked rice. On the third day, I removed it from the rice letting natural air dry it up some more.
  6. I turned it on and thank God that it’s still working. Sim card settings for MMS and mobile browsing had to be set up again. This usually doesn’t occur if I just removed then reinserted the Sim card so that got me wondering for a bit but I think things are still working fine. So far so good but of course I’ll still be on the lookout for things that could go wrong because of unseen corrosion of electronic parts.
  7. I did not get to do this on the first 3 days, but I got some sound advice to wipe the phone with isopropyl alcohol to lessen chances of corrosion when the phone dries up. I did that after just because.

          Samsung earned my trust. For android, it’s still the way to go when resiliency is what you’re after. For the next 7 days, I won’t go to the restroom with my phone. I’ll be glad if this phone works and won’t get snatched for at least a year more. After that, I’ll accept its fate which lies in my hands, no matter what it is.


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