Lector Duties

It was November, 2014 when I first officially served inside a Holy Mass as a lector. I later on joined the Commission on Social Communications of another parish and my server duties expand and continue to this day. Serving the Lord is a journey in itself, really worth pondering on and would take up so much part, if not all of your life once you have decided to take it seriously. Let me share snippets of that journey here.

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Life is one big passion project! And it's definitely not meant to be lived in just a single place. I haven't been everywhere, really, but you can get some tips on a few places  I've been to through my posts.

Especially with nature, most of my travels give me that same exhilarating feeling as communing with God. More than an escape, travel is an encounter. Take some parts of the trips with me?

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Random Thoughts

Social media comments sections started to feel like the eighth circle of hell. I have some things to say which I ought not to be heard in a venue where no one wants to really listen. My posts on this page are what Bob Ong would say, “punasan ng nagtataeng tinta”. This is where I also tackle just about anything under the sun.

Delve Deeper

Write It Anyway

Journalyn is a collection of writings from a reflectionist hanging loosely from Marxist theory. This ain’t a travel blog because essential things like directions, hotel recommendations, and other how-to's are main things that my travel posts won’t necessarily contain.Personal blogs offer opinions and experiences that are honest and raw making you feel like you’re inquiring from a friend who had just been on your next bucket list. I, myself, plan trips according to fellow bloggers' recommendations. Most times, I include in my articles the links which I think may be helpful for you, too.

Journalyn definitely isn't a food blog either! The only adjectives I can term a dish are "masarap" and "hindi masarap". But when I say those two descriptions, I mean it. That’s some lazy writing from me that I promise to change by some workshops coming up *wink*. A friend told me that dining should be an experience. With it goes the notion that one should not think of the price you pay for a dish but for the encounter, the emotions it made you feel, the moments which went along with it - positively or negatively reinforced by the food. Maybe what I want to tell in Journalyn is the views from a different perspective. You know how some things are so conventional I'm thinking that my views may be unique somehow.

With this, I'll stand by my tagline. This will be about expression as freedom. I'll write what I want to without rules but with conscience. Without structure but with integrity. Journalyn is still derived from “journalism” which, in my opinion, if preceded by the term "responsible" should be redundant already.

I'll just tell what I have to.

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