Ready to Live It Up

October 24, 2014

Life is but a pursuit of happiness. Since I went back from my first trip abroad, the excitement and giddiness for no particular reason still doesn’t fade. Maybe I’m excited for my next trip in Palawan which I am currently planning carefully to balance the whatever-goes, blasted itinerary of Vietnam and Cambodia trip. For the first time, I’m going to check myself in to a luxury hotel in Puerto Princesa. Frankly, more than the underground river, which I only scheduled because it’s a world heritage site, it’s the beauty of Honda Bay and Dos Palmas that excite me more.

Belle de Jour Live It Up

Another thing that keeps me happy is BDJ. I know now why it’s addicting. That’s not to say I can explain why. A boy friend asked me yesterday what I benefit from the box and the planner and I just said, “A lot! But you’ll never get it because you’re a boy!” I’m excited because of a pouch of makeup, mud pack and shampoo! Planners had always excited me. That’s one of the ways I get in touch with the kid and writer in me.

BDJ Elite Box: Corporate Chic

I had just received my first BDJ Box called the Corporate Chic Elite Box. This is also my first ever Paypal purchase at Php1, 480. The pouch included the following:


  1. Pureology Precious Oil Shamp’oil
  2. Davines 01/Oil
  3. Glamglow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment
  4. Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment
  5. K-Palette 1-Day Magic Eyeliner
  6. Canmake Tokyo Candy Wrap Lip
  7. Simply She Cosmetic Pouch
  8. Revlon Superlustrous Lipstick in Coralberry Shade

During the BDJ Power Planner fair, I saw the Corporate Chic Elite Box for sale there. I had a hint they’d do this but maybe I was too excited, I took no chance. I reserved one online the day I saw it posted on their Facebook page.

Transaction was quick and shipping to my office took 2 business days and I was delighted when the guard called to announce I have a delivery because I knew that was it! I haven’t tried everything yet but I’m loving K-Palette 1 Day Magic liquid eyeliner already. I don’t know how to use pencil eyeliner. It has always been liquid eyeliner for me but that’s not to say I’m a pro in applying it. A good eyeliner is key and I think I’ve found my match already.


BDJ Fair 2014

Let it be known that it’s my first time to win on a raffle in my 26 years of existence! I attended the first talk of the fair with Jonathan Yabut as the speaker. His was the best I have attended so far. He is so good at presenting and I see some similarities with my style and his. Naks!


And after his talk, the winners of various prizes from sponsors were called. Just when you least expect it, some blessings will be thrown at you.I got Php500 gift certificate from Fish & Co. that I’m planning to use this Friday night.

I don’t have pictures from the BDJ Fair because here was the scenario. We did some outreach/corporate social responsibility program in Talao-Talao, Quezon last October 18, the day before the fair. We helped conduct and sponsor the sportsfest of the Payatas Orione Foundation scholars supported by Comfac Global Group. This was a whole day event followed by a little team bonding in Paradiso Beach Resort in Siriaya until the following Sunday. We were scheduled to checked out at 3PM meaning if I waited for our company service vehicles to drop me at Pasay, there will be no way I can attend the talks and enjoy the booths in BDJ Fair.

So what I did is I asked the driver to take me to the bus terminal in Siriaya and commuted all the way from Quezon to Mall of Asia Music Hall just to make it in time for the talk. No regrets, really, even if I had to walk away from those rare times to bond with my colleagues on the beach. It’s worth the effort!

I only had my very simple cellphone and wallet with me during the event and I thought I missed out a lot of opportunities especially those booths that needed selfies.I even thought of purchasing a Lenevo phone which was on a one-day sale during the event to take care of those lost opportunities.

Nevertheless, I was able to sign up for 360 Fitness Club and Fitness First for their 5-day and one-day free, no-commitment trials. It’s included in my goals to lose 10kg of fat. I’m currently enrolled in a gym renewed on a monthly basis so these two companies can offer good alternatives to my fitness routine.

I purchased my first Everything is Possible (EIP)Planner from the event at a discounted price of Php500. I thought of getting Navi or the classic Belle de Jour planner with the free lifestyle card but I thought after browsing the pages of samples that EIP would suit me best due to the adequate amount of writing pages.


From Zero to Financial Hero

EIP is something I know as Easy Investment Plan from COL Financial where I recently started investing. Guess I have to use that acronym to for my 2015 planner, too.

From zero to financial heroI know that in my pursuit of happiness, money will be a factor. So in line with my goal of educating me with money matters I reserved seat for that talk conducted by Edric Mendoza called “From Zero to Financial Hero”. He has a show on ANC called Money Matters. Currently, I devote time in reading books, studying internet articles and attending seminars of Bo Sanchez and Franciso J. Colayco. I also subscribe to Omeng Tawid’s electronic newsletter together with the various groups I joined on Facebook regarding investing in stocks but I really just encountered Mendoza on that fair. He gave 5 stories giving advices on basic personal finance with his very articulate young son giving the 5th story. I guess what Mendoza wants to say with that, is to start young because time is really an ally when it comes to investment.

I’m excited to write on my EIP planner already. It has space for December 2014 so I only have to wait for a few weeks. Meanwhile, its first few pages got me busy thinking and writing on my long term goals. Hmmm, which mountain do I really want to climb?

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