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March Solar Eclipse

March 9, 2016
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“Do not swear by the moon, for she changes constantly.” – Shakespeare

My sleeping habit is just horrendous lately. I’ll lull myself to sleep at 2AM, wake up at 6AM, fall back to sleep ’cause it’s still too early, then finally wake up for real at 8:30AM to report to work which also has 8:30AM call time. Repeat.

March is my birth month. Of course, I was on the height of optimism during New Year but two months of 2016 already passed. As much as I would want to update my 2016 goals positively, I don’t even want to check the promises I swore to myself. My fitness, financial, spiritual and self-improvement goals are way behind targets.

It’s my second week feeling under the weather as well. Every waking hour is like battle between good and evil. Sadly, evil won over the weekend to which I really feel guilty about. There was a great (as I’ve heard) ministry activity that I missed because, I overslept. My head, face and lungs hurt. Must be pneumonia again. This backs up one great realization that there are things which I can do very so often and no one gives a damn, until I stop doing it. By then, gravity just pulls real hard.

Even the weather don’t know how to behave. One night, I  stuck my head out of the empty ACU provision, just to feel cooler breeze than the air circulating inside our condo unit. Picture above was taken while I actually had my head stuck out! I was this close to buying an expensive air cooler impulsively. Then the next night, I almost had leg cramp because it was cold.

I can’t pinpoint it but maybe I should be doing something important – the reason why I can’t sleep much lately. But come to think of it, the sun and moon may not know what to do either. They, too, are still undecided on what to do for the rest of infinity.

Today, March 9, a total solar eclipse is happening. It’s day that turns into night. Peculiar as it is as a phenomenon, it’s occurrence is also as unpredictable. Solar eclipses can happen as frequent as five times a year – but not every year. As per NASA, only 25 years in the past 5,000 years have experienced total solar eclipses.

I may not know how God wants to operate the universe but I’ve been warned NOT to look at eclipses directly. So maybe, enough of this overthinking? I shouldn’t worry, too.

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