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July 2, 2018
Solemnity St John the Baptist

Solemnity St John the Baptist

The LORD called me from birth,

from my mother’s womb he gave me my name

“Ang purpose pala ng buhay ng tao ay papurihan ang Diyos at ang pangalan ng Panginoon ang manguna at maging sentro ng buhay ng tao…’Yan ang kadakilaan at tawag ni Juan – ang maghanda ng daraanan ng Panginoon.”

Sunday homily likened John to a best man. He clearly isn’t the bridegroom as is stated in the readings “I am not He”. He is the best man, who after seeing his friend and bridegroom, would take the side line and banish. He is man who’s calling and greatness doesn’t depend on him being the center of attraction. Instead, he is a man whose greatness is serving and praising God.

Still consistent with last Sunday’s homily. One’s greatness would rely heavily on doing what he has to, then letting God take the center stage. Our life’s purpose will not be satisfied to its fullest potential if we won’t let God walk in, even if we thought we have cleared out our own way. It is God’s way that we should make space for, prepare for, making sure God can pass through it.


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