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New Year 2014

December 29, 2015
New Year 2014

Title is right. This was written 2 years ago after New Year  so I thought why not publish it? We are gearing towards 2016 which is actually on Friday. I’m feeling sentimental once again.

I know the name of the parish priest now. I actually had the privilege to work/serve with him through the parish’s official newsletter and shared some conversations with him over a meal or two. Great to look back on how I felt or how I was thinking from a not so distant past…


This is the first time I saw the new parish priest. I feel attached to the former who is relocated in Sta. Maria, Bulacan but I like the first sermon he gave this first day of the year. When the homily makes me want to cry, I am moved by it. That for me is a first sign that it is effective- when it was able to enlighten your mind and touch your heart.

The homily gave instructions on how to start the New Year right. There are just so many thoughts to ponder on but I would like to take the main points also from the priest’s summary.

1. To fill our souls with faith, love and hope just as what Mama Mary did and to make sure that each step we take is towards the path that leads us to the Lord just like what the shepherds did when they followed the star leading to Christ in the manger.
2. One who thinks, thanks. We are encouraged to look back on the past year and meditate on what we’ve been through so we can see how blessed we are.

This is the time of the year when media now bombards us a lot of predictions according to feng shui and astrological signs. We also maintain some traditions that may be harmful or neutral but definitely puts the spirituality of an occasion to a non-priority.

The myths of the 12 round fruits and wearing of polka dots and eating rice cake were debunked asserting that it isn’t the market we should first visit when new year comes but to search the Lord and walk towards his path.

My eardrum almost blasted due to the firecrackers burnt by neighbors on the break of New Year. I don’t appreciate loud noises personally. As confirmed, the bad spirits do not lurk on corners and empty spaces of the house and they cannot be driven away by firecrackers that injured 599 people as of night of January 1, 2014. Bad spirits, however, are thoughts that enter our mind and our soul which cannot have a space to fill if we are “full of grace”.

Our country had been through a lot last year and for now I just don’t want to be reminded of how grim Yolanda was and how it made me feel . I just want to be thankful that yes, it didn’t happen to me and my family and that yes, our countrymen who experienced it are now rising from the ruins.

I plan to start small such as taking care of my self and body this year. It’s work out time again! What the priest said struck me. So many people are sick and yet I am healthy and I take my health for granted. I wish for good luck and fortune to come my way yet I don’t have concrete plans for my career and determination to really pour myself into working hard.

2014 is going to be great. I’m in for a good start and I’m thankful for these good instructions I obtained on the first day.

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