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My First Pilgrimage Part 1

April 16, 2015

Pilgrimage, I discovered, is definitely more than just sightseeing of structures or shrines, or knocking on church doors followed by wishing just because it is a first time. For me, it was taking baby steps in deepening one’s faith.We are on earth but we are not of this world and so we are always in search of something. There’s always ideas we can not understand and maybe some ancient walls, sculptures and paintings, or falling bricks and dusted windows can provide clarity or validation somehow.

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Ready to Live It Up

October 24, 2014

Life is but a pursuit of happiness. Since I went back from my first trip abroad, the excitement and giddiness for no particular reason still doesn’t fade. Maybe I’m excited for my next trip in Palawan which I am currently planning carefully to balance the whatever-goes, blasted itinerary of Vietnam and Cambodia trip. For the […]

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The Kiss I’m Glad I Did

October 31, 2013

For years now, Avon Ph is raising funds for one of the deadliest and still-incurable diseases known to womankind,breast cancer. I figured out that the corporate social responsibility they decided to take cannot be more fitting.

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One Sunday, One Run, One Philippines

October 17, 2013

I was consciously running for the environment one Saturday in an organized fun run. Ironically the path we were traversing smelled really really filthy it was uncomfortable bordering to disgusting -to think that runners pant for breathes to stay alive. That side of Philcoa stinks. The former vice president who joined the event noted, too. Along […]

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Events | Fitness

I Will Run 5k and I Will Not Die

October 4, 2013

I have successfully registered for two fun runs today! I specially dedicated my one hour lunch break to go to Chris sports store to register for One Run One Philippines (run for Pasig River) scheduled this coming Sunday and for Avon’s Do Something Beautiful Against Breast Cancer Run on October 13. I intend to register my […]

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360 Circuit Training : Giving It a Try

October 3, 2013

I read that an actress is doing 360 Fitness Training to maintain her weight. This is her new exercise to keep boredom at bay on her fitness routine. A particular program she’s in, she does at 30 minutes only per day garnering the result of what could have been from an hour in the gym using […]

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Food Trips | Travel

Sick and Sipping Soup at Pho Hoa

October 2, 2013

Rainy afternoon at 5PM. Two people with cough, cold and sinusitis ready to develop into full-blown flu. To go straight from work to home should be a good idea.  They decided a hot soup of ramen and freshly squeezed citrus drink should do better. Pho Hoa- though I first thought it to be a Chinese […]

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