Lector Duties


July 12, 2016

So why does an institution as old as 2,000 years decided to step into this digital realm? An obvious answer could be because a large member of the Church’s flock is in social media. Case in point, there are now more people on Facebook than there are Catholics! The need to evangelize this new “digital continent” is now being presented as both a major task and an opportunity to spread the Good New

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Events | Travel


June 22, 2016

If only we value our heritage, the lives of our ancestors and their sacrifices, no one would even dare spit on the same streets where battles were once waged for our sake. Greatness runs in our veins. To unleash it is up to us.

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Misfortunes of Raped Beaches

May 7, 2016

What will sadden you is the garbage on the beach and in what was left of the old hotel’s cottages. The island is being raped at the moment, not screaming yet, because naive as she can be, she still doesn’t know what’s happening.

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Tips for Calaguas: Think of Paradise

April 25, 2016

     There are lots of ways to do it but this post  revolves around what to expect on going and staying in Calaguas – based on my 2 days and 1 night stay through Best Calaguas Tour.I’m gonna mention the good and the not so good parts but don’t get me wrong. Calaguas is paradise! […]

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Random Thoughts

Why I’m Voting for Roxas

April 20, 2016

Photo from Facebook page of Mar Roxas, one of five presidential candidates for the 2016 Philippine election May 9, 2016 is set to be another Philippine Presidential election. Internet is abuzz with all the nitty-gritty details of news regarding campaign speeches and presidential debates. The coming polls is a scorching hot topic. Most people are […]

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