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Picky Eater in Hong Kong

November 2, 2015

When travelling, you get giddy with excitement and eating is less of a priority. This is how I, as a picky-eater, survived four days in a foreign land where rice is in scarcity.



Pork noodles and dimsum with Meiji Choco Panda inside Sogo Mall.

Mindlessly, we fasted for 22 hours. Our first eating stop in Hong Kong on our first day here is at Fresh Mart inside Sogo Mall just a few yards outside our Chung King Mansion guesthouse. Noodles were tasty, I surprisingly liked it. Servings were big and good for sharing. At another stall, rice with curry dishes are available, too. I want rice but I don’t like curry so noodles and biscuits it is.

We bought bottled water and chocolates here for the day ahead.


After looking for Marlyn’s toys in and around Time Square, we looked for a familiar restaurant. Pizza Hut has this “expensive” ambiance in the branch where we had our late lunch. The chocolate milk shake was good. The rest of our orders were fine but still had this pinch taste I cannot figure out and I don’t like. Some items in the menu are not available in the Philippines. That’s just what cute and that’s what we had fun trying.


Minced pork with egg on rice. The most expensive egg I had so far.

Beside Chung King Mansion (Tsim Sha Tsui) is a mall, whose second floor houses Café de Coral. The staffs from the cashier to the people who hand you your orders (you have to line up after payment) and the cleaners are not accommodating. Napakasusungit! It was like you’re really troubling them just by your mere existence. Considering that you are the customers! Weird. Bad. Mad. I’m not used to it. But hey, I’m travelling.

I paid 70HKD for an egg! I ordered minced pork and sunny-side up egg topped on to a bowl of rice with iced tea. I don’t like how the iced tea tasted. I don’t the viand and unfortunately since the minced pork was on top of the rice, the flavor already seeped through. I was left with just the egg.

Times like this, Maltesers saved me. I bought a pint for myself at Sogo Mall at around HKD90.



There is a branch near the Avenue of Stars. Actually there are braches nearer our hotel but since they were inside malls, they are still closed before 10AM.

Because of the prices of food in Hong Kong, Starbucks doesn’t feel like an unnecessary luxury. It’s in fact one of the most worth it for me (compared to a 70HKD egg) because prices are near to how items are priced in the Philippines.

I bought a Hong Kong mug here as a souvenir. In Manila, I’ll consider this a splurge but hey, I’m already here.

I had café latter and Choco Danish bread.Nicest breakfast to start our day to Lantau Island.


Before starting our climb to Big Buddha, we had our late lunch first. There are modest eateries on bus terminals. Mostly, what they offer are noodles. The vendor who assisted us isn’t Filipino but it’s nice that she already know simple phrases in our language. I had noodles with luncheon meat and black egg (dipped in tea then boiled) for HKD36. It was good and filling but their serving is just so big I didn’t finish the whole bowl. In these eateries, familiar brands of chips and junk foods can be bought for snacks.

Ngong Ping 360

Mcdo serves yogurt as desert.

Near the MTR station is a mall where middle-priced items and stores can be found. There are lots of store outlets here according to Ate Tere. After having noodles and in search again for something familiar, we had dinner at McDonalds. The fries are the same back home, hallelujah! I thought even the fries will have that distinct taste. McDonalds serve Minute Maid orange juice, thank God, ‘cause I’ve not been drinking sodas for 2 years now. I think I brought home some Thai chili sauce in sachet as souvenir. We don’t have that in McDo here in Manila.

They also serve Nestle yogurt in Mcdo as one of the desserts. Cool!


I just grabbed a HKD9 meat floss bread in a bakery near the bus terminal on my way to Big Wave Beach. I’ll be on a hike so I prepared more water than food with me.

Overlooking view of Pacific Coffee shop through glass walls.

Lunch following my Big Wave Adventure is Hong Kong Day inside Victoria Peak. Yang Chow here tasted so good, it started my love affair with it. There are convenience stores inside this mall so snacking was easy.

I had let time pass me by by strolling inside the mall and enjoying the view at the peak. I really targeted this Pacific Coffee shop with a great overlooking view of Hong Kong. I patiently waited for my turn to be seated. The view is just spectacular at night. Coffee was good, too. As a bonus, they have good and free wifi connection. Great place to unwind and rest. No pressure with time or anything. I love this trip.

Day 4


No need for breakfast. We had brunch in iSquare Building just across Chung King Mansion. Fortunately, we found here this Japanese restaurant with very yummy Japanese rice. Heaven. It’s a bit pricey but worth it. There are also some restaurants we were interested in but they refuse to accommodate us before 10-10:30AM.

This is our last stop in Hong Kong before we board again a ferry to Macau. Good picky-eater escapade ender.

I discovered new loves in my brief stay. For one, you’ll never know how great noodles tasted until noodles is all you’ve got, hehe. Two, yang chow, I’ll never view yang chow the same way again. I need to learn how to cook this. It looks easy but the one I tasted had this very subtle sweetness in it. I got to find that secret last ingredient less I’ll always want to be back in Hong Kong just for that rice.

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