Positive Reinforcement

September 27, 2013
Fitness First Gym.Bodily changes before(left) and after (right) one month of going to the gym for three times a week.

It doesn’t help that the result of my latest pre-employment medical exam states that I am overweight. The numerous gyms where I subscribed and inquired to did not mention anything like that even when they were eager to make sales. At 24.6 BMI (max), I am at a normal range. I really cannot understand how they were able to label me overweight.
As my sister told me, maybe BMI isn’t really accurate after all. My co-employees were labeled Obese Class 1 when they all looked normal to me.

Slimmers World locker room after sweating on the threadmill.

That medical exam was done last July. I am on a diet now with increased servings of food and vegetables on my plate and on my drink (I order green smoothies from Rawlicious, an online store who occasionally hold bazaars and regularly delivers drinks for clients who wants to detoxify or to lose some weight).

I exercise regularly and by regularly I mean that once a week two-hour cardio and weights session. I also have sessions of RF treatment and lipo cavitation at a nearby salon. Yes they offer treatments like that in ordinary salons now. All of these I simultaneously do just to achieve my target waistline. Oh, I also have to mention purchasing 3 bottles of topical slimming cream from an online shop I saw on Instagram (@thebeauthashop). I think my efforts work. This is my body so I feet it. I know I’m losing weight. I just can’t believe I’m overweight and even that is true I have no intention of staying that way so I really got to act. It’s just that positive reinforcement works better on me.

On the lighter side of things, my friend whom I call Sir Dan told me that I look slimmer last night. We had dinner after work (I am off at 7PM) at Tiendesitas after more than a month of not seeing each other. Maybe being the real friend that he is, he also did not miss on commenting that I should fix my hair so I don’t look like a “bruha” especially at work. We are former co-employees and I really don’t know that “previous-company-breeding” of mine he wants me to showcase on my new job but I said yes anyway. Anyway my thin, frizzy hair is hopeless but with regards to weight loss his comment served as the positive reinforcement I needed to get going.

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