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Quotes for the Broken Heart (Part 1)

November 3, 2017
Broken Heart Quotes

Words are powerful. They can help us keep going or ruin it all to ashes. So here are some quotes that might help you (because they helped me) go through the tough times. There isn’t much help you can find on the web, sad to say. You’ll find tons of “hugot” and memes from millennials and they’re downright funny and witty but not necessarily meaty pieces to keep you really fighting. It’s easy, too, to find pieces that will keep you company by trying to make a never-ending process of mourning and crying and sobbing which doesn’t help in the long run, especially when all it does is to keep the wounds fresh. Hopefully, this helps. Take note, though, that being heart-broken isn’t just about a love interest. It can be about hearts broken in relation to loving our self, family, friends, work, dreams, God, etc. Heart and love is life, after all.

In one of the events I attended as a lector, I heard from a priest that there is a Catholic way of facing death. I reckon there’s a Catholic way, too, of mourning, grieving, and moving on.  Most quotes I gathered were uttered by the pope, saints, Catholic ministries, some other Christian groups, and even celebrities or brands. You may find Instagram and Facebook pages to follow leading you to multitude articles, books, blogs and websites to read. And if there are more materials you can share to me and fellow readers, please leave them in the comments section. We’ll really appreciate it.

     1. Catholic Teen Posts – Instagram Post of @catholic_teen_posts :  “When you feel like you just can’t go on fam, remember it’s just  a bad day….not a bad life. God is still writing your story, why would you want to end it before he can finish it? Trust me, you are loved and needed. Jesus will never give up on you and there’s nothing you can do that will ever make Him stop loving you. If you’re hurting, go to Him and reach out to someone you trust. A burden shared is a burden lightened. Stay safe y’all because you are more precious than rubies and He paid such a heavy cost for you.”

     2. Belle de Jour Power Planner Instagram Post @bdjbuzz : “Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future.”

     3. Olivia Jordan – Instagram post @theoliviajordan : “Sometimes, it’s just not for us. The job, the interview, the man, or in this case, the crown… sometimes, it’s just for someone else. Not because they are better, more qualified, prettier, nicer, superior to us, but because it is their opportunity, not ours. And that’s okay, because our opportunities – our job, our interview, the man of our dreams – are not for them either. They’re ours. And they’re often right on the other side of rejection.”

     4. A Modern Day Ruth – Facebook Post @ModernDayRuth : “She’s not afraid anymore… because she knows who is beside her.”

     5. Ask A Millionaire – Instagram Post @askamillionaire : ” A child learns to walk, falls down 50 times… He never thinks to himself, “Maybe this isn’t for me!”

     6. Ignatius Press – Facebook Post @ignatiuspress : “Let nothing trouble you, let nothing scare you. All is fleeting, God alone is unchanging. Patience everything obtains. Who possesses God nothing wants. God alone suffices.” – A Prayer by St. Teresa of Avila

     7. Waiting for your Boaz – Facebook Post @WaitingForYourBoaz : ” When you let negativity flood your heart, when you let what others say burden your soul, and when you let the pain from yesterday come flooding in tell it to go back to the hell from which it came. Rest in God’s love for you and don’t give the enemy any foothold. Think of the days to come and not what’s behind. One of the biggest tactics the enemy uses to get me off track is reminding me of the past. But today is a new day and I have been blessed. God has taken care of every single thing in my life and will continue to do so. I love everyone, even the ones who have hurt me and will choose to move forward, not looking back.”

     8. Unknown – “If a door closes, quit banging on it. Perhaps it closed because you are worth so much more than what is on the other side.”

     9. Catholic Teen Posts – Instagram Post of @catholic_teen_posts : “Never be a prisoner of your past, it was just a lesson not a life sentence.”

     10. Catholic Link-English – Facebook Post @catholiclink1 : ” I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world.” – Mother Teresa of Calcutta


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