Lector Duties

Recollection of My Dream To Be an Angel

April 14, 2016

Write down the readings from your second-to-the-last serve.

From which book or letter did it come from? What was the response (if it was a Psalm)? Or if all else fail, what is the main thought of that reading? This is the first activity given by Father Divino during our ministry’s latest recollection. Simple but profound activity. It reveals if we really take the readings we proclaim to heart or not.

This also happens to be my first recollection ever.So what did I learn?

  1. That recollection adds no “new” knowledge, just a remembrance of ideas you knew before but have forgotten or of thoughts which are with you all along, but without you realizing it.The recollection  revolved mainly with readings from the bible with the theme: Lectors in Easter.
  2.  That I wasn’t wrong when I said that my dream to become an angel came true,  somehow, because angels (angelos = messenger) and evANGEList (bringer of good news) have the same root word.Recollection 1
  3. That like Mary Magdalene to whom Jesus showed himself after resurrection, the common priesthood we have as lay lectors is not a privilege that is solely intended for us. Or as our spiritual director said, being a lector is a privilege but not a privilege above the rest.
  4. True happiness comes from the word of God.Recollection 2
  5. That our initial intentions in becoming a lector aren’t as important as our reason to stay. To be still and stay with the Lord until the end, that is the challenge.

Some good reads for meditation on becoming a reader of God’s word inside the Holy Mass:

  • Revelation 10Recollection 3
  • Nehemiah 8Recollection 4
  • Isaiah 6Recollection 5

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