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I Will Run 5k and I Will Not Die

October 4, 2013
My Official Bib
My Official Bib

I have successfully registered for two fun runs today! I specially dedicated my one hour lunch break to go to Chris sports store to register for One Run One Philippines (run for Pasig River) scheduled this coming Sunday and for Avon’s Do Something Beautiful Against Breast Cancer Run on October 13.

I intend to register my brother, too, who is a student to accompany me to the race. I will be coming all the way from Bulacan on that very early morning so I figured out I need some chaperone. Students get 50% discount for the 3k/5k race so that saves me Php150. I paid Php300 for my own bib. Sadly, the singlet is not yet included in the registration fee. I went to the lower ground floor of the mall where ABS CBN Kapamilya (main organizer) merchandises are sold but they are out of singlet stock as well. They will sell singlet on the event itself on the Quezon City Memorial Circle on Monday at 2AM for another Php300.

Kapamilya Keychain included in the race kit. Made from recycled materials, I suppose since the run is for the environment.
Kapamilya Keychain included in the race kit. Made from recycled materials, I suppose since the run is for the environment.

The bib number should be registered and activated on their website to get the finisher’s certificate.

I also signed up for Avon’s Breast Cancer Crusade Fun Run to be held at the MOA grounds on October 13. I was given the race bib (with RF ID) and attached stubs for giveaways plus instructions for the race day itself. The registration fee worth Php550 includes the pink singlet already.

The staff on Chris Sports doesn’t know much about the run they are helping to sell so it’s advisable to research first before registering through them to save time and energy and patience, too. They do not provide receipt for payments.

Good thing it comes with an instructions guide.
Good thing the race packets for both fun run come with an instructions guide.

I’m excited for these fun runs with a cause. I hope to finish both of these runs without dying. sv01_pv02_00000112_scaled_148x67I will aim to finish them without walking. I haven’t practiced or prepared much but I’m positive I’ll survive this without injury. I will practice the race in my mind. sv01_pv02_00000105_scaled_81x81The brain controls everything and with much will power, I’ll take it from there.

I’m counting on those months I spent in the gym doing 5k run on the treadmill though I was in a hiatus for some weeks before this run on Sunday.

Come Sunday, the battle will be within me and therefore the hardest to be won. The greatest runner to beat will be my self.

As for the causes that these fun runs stand up, you may visit their website through the links provided in this blog entry to find ways to donate and help even without running. sv01_pv02_00000116_scaled_175x175

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