Stone Hand Gallery

December 15, 2017
Stone Hand Art Gallery

Kamay na Bato (Stone Hand) Art Gallery is located in Brgy. Nalvo Norte, just a few minutes drive from Baluarte Watch Tower in Brgy. Victoria. Unlike Baluarte which can be experienced free of charge, this art gallery has an entrance fee / environmental fee of Php20/head. A Korean sculptor and painter, Mr. Bong Kim, married […]

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Family Trip to La Union

November 25, 2017
La Union Itinerary

A long weekend calls for some road trip. For this family trip to La Union, the beach was loudly calling. Situated 219 kms north of Bulacan, La Union is reachable in just 4 hours through NLEX, SCTEX and the new TPLEX. Since we have been driving for the past year to and fro SCTEX and even […]

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