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Tagaytay Day Trip for the Whole Family

February 12, 2018
Tagaytay Day Trip

Sharing with you a chill itinerary for Tagaytay’s equally chilly, foggy, even rainy and gloomy weather. If it weren’t barely a day after Christmas, maybe the feeling wouldn’t be as merry. Since almost everyone is still in high spirits because of the season, Tagaytay was still, as it has always been, a very good idea.

Since again this trip included both my parents and 3 other siblings, we had to take into consideration every one’s common ground. Looking back, this day trip was more like a food trip, hopping from one food joint to the next with gorgeous sceneries as our background and with some window shopping on the side.

Duration: 1 day

We left Malolos, Bulacan at 4AM and was back at home before 5PM.

Driving Directions: Use Waze, baby!

We took NLEX to Balintawak (Php85 toll fee), EDSA then SLEX Greenfields Exit (Php232) and pass by Pramana, Nuvali, Eton City, and Paseo de Sta. Rosa. Not much traffic except for Sta. Rosa – Tagaytay Road on our way back north to Nuvali because although private offices had work, government employees and schools didn’t.


Day Trip Tagaytay

We didn’t check the weather forecast. Sun rises late during December but that day it was almost 8am and was still dark! We were famished. We were driving through the rain and the zig zag road looking for an open panaderya. Why were there no bakery in Tagaytay-Calamba Road? We stopped on one 711 store and guess what, all breads are out of stock!

We are nearing People’s Park when we passed by this gotohan cleverly called, “Goto Me” in ADB Triangle, Francisco Road, Tagaytay City. It’s a bit pricey but food tastes good and store is clean (even their restroom are good for a stop over).



I just have to document how happy I was driving through the fog! It’s looooove! I can barely see anything other than the hazard lights from other vehicles, the faint breathtaking view of the city below, and those white fog as I drive on that winding road ascending the cliff of Tagaytay! Langit na ito?

People’s Park in the Sky

Was still closed when we got there and it was raining hard so no view of Taal Lake could be seen at all. So why bother to go down from the vehicle? We made a detour and looked for a coffee shop to while away the time and the downpour.

Starbucks Overlooking Taal Lake

Tagaytay Day Trip

I’ve been here before when a girl friend who was as crazy and lazy (we left work) as I was at that time took an impromptu trip to Tagaytay out of boredom. Lately, I’ve been loving Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, too. I got my 2018 planner from them and I asked my brother for a mug set as a Christmas gift, too, so we looked for CBTL first. That’s got to be the prettiest CBTL branch in the Philippines! I can imagine myself having a great time blogging there, inspired by the pine trees and the breeze outside.

Tagaytay Day Trip

Unfortunately, they didn’t have the mug set that I wanted so we transferred to Starbucks overlooking Taal Lake located in Tagaytay- Nasugbu Highway.

Picnic Grove

Tagaytay Day Trip

It’s a go to place in Tagaytay. If I were here alone, I will not visit this as I’ve been here many times before and I was able to do the stuffs that could be done here but since it’s my parents’ first time in Tagaytay, our siblings thought they should see experience it, too.

It’s still the same Picnic Grove from my memory. Parking seemed full but the officers inside will efficiently guide you to a safe spot. There were still lots of tiendesitas selling all sorts of souvenir items and food. You can still do horseback riding or simply mount on one for picture taking for Php20. The zip line was still there. You can also take a gorgeous view of Taal Lake here. Might as well take all the chances we can get the Taal volcano crater to photobomb us.

You can climb Taal by the way. God’s artistry is evident on this magnificent creation of an island, within a lake, in a volcano, in a lake, on an island. It was featured on Katy Perry’s music video “Roar”.You can “touch” the sulfuric acid smoke from its crater which I did eons ago, and is an activity that is more apt for the younger ones. My parents may not enjoy the boat ride and long hikes anymore. Taal Lake is also where my favorite, the delicious tawilis, are obtained. All the more reason to love Taal if you’d ask me.

Lunch: Mahogany Market

Tagaytay Day Trip

Like a Tagaytay trip won’t be complete without eating bulalo. It’s a must here! Mahogany Market is of course a public market and the best place to get fresh beef. All the eateries serving bulalo are located on the second floor of Mahogany market. Take your pick from several eateries serving the same menu at the same prices. That shouldn’t be hard. Pick the one with lots of customers with barely empty tables just enough to accommodate you. Chances are, they serve the better tasting stuff. Bulalo is at Php350 good for 3 persons.

We travel with a cooler at the back of our Avanza so we bought home some kilos of beef, too. The meat there tastes differently. I hate beef but if it’s from Tagaytay, I’d eat it.


Tagaytay Day Trip

Bye bye, Tagaytay! It was just past lunch but it felt like a long day already. My brother’s first job was around Nuvali so we decided to go there too before we head back home.

There were tiangge where some novelty but affordable toys could be bought. For some kids, it’s a haven where they can spend all of the Christmas money they received. There were outlet stores for foreign brands as well.

Next Time

For sure, we’ll be back in this lovely place. The plains filled of pineapples, streets abundant with stalls of fresh harvests, the climate, its coffee shops, the famed Caleruega Church which we are yet to see, their beef and buko pies are among the many reasons why we’ll surely be back. ‘Till next time.







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