Three Days of Bikram Yoga

September 20, 2013

Day 1 of Yoga Hot B

The storm had just gone outside off the country’s area of responsibility and it isn’t raining anymore until the afternoon so I decided to start using my one week of Yoga classes on Tuesday, August 31. As I have learned, Yoga is one of the priciest exercises out there ranging from Php500 to Php700 per 90-minute session. I got a membership promo at php500 entitling me to 7 days of unlimited yoga classes. “Super worth the try”, I told my sister, who introduced Yoga to me a month ago. She was the one who bought the membership for me raving about the great effects of yoga on her and how she was so satisfied with the amenities of Yoga Plus.

Well, I usually procrastinate on any form of exercises. But some two weeks ago, because of the back and shoulder pain I was experiencing, I was advised by the doctor to do  some stretching exercises. The pain most probably is because of muscles being worn out. I had urinalysis just so the doctor could rule out kidney problems. I can schedule physical therapy in the Rehab Medicine Section of Medical City if the paid did not stop after the 3 capsules of Celebrex prescribed to me. Luckily after finishing two 200 mg the pain subsided. I decided to do the best stretching exercise there is, instead.

The last time I exercised was like three months ago. I am physically weak, non-tolerable with heart and naturally prone to headaches, my first class of Bikram Yoga was a total torture.

Before getting in class, I thought my Php500 would better be worth it. During the class when my being a novice is undeniable, I realized the truth above Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. I don’t care about the money, I don’t care about the teacher and Yoga-mates catching glimpses of me making a sauna out of the heated 36 degrees room. I just want to lie down on my mat and collect myself. Nausea got in my way. I did not have too much trouble with the poses. But my head ached terribly. I’d better put the Php500 to waste just so I could get out!

What I am just proud of is that I was able to stay inside the room for the whole class duration. My teacher, a pretty foreigner, approached me and asked how it was with me. I said I really feel dizzy switching from the lying to sitting up poses. “Understandable for beginners”, she said, given that I never had trouble with my blood pressure. What’s encouraging is her remark that she saw me dis some of the poses right which is actually good for a beginner. Now that’s touching!

Tired but without the pain I usually get when I jog, I noticed some of the benefits the morning after. I feel more energized, more flexible somehow. I also remember all my clothes getting wet after the exercise. The throb of pain in my shoulder and back which I usually remedy with hot-compress were absent this time. That all made me come back for my next class.

"subject to terms and conditions of the membership package" and is " to be presented before admission into any class"
“subject to terms and conditions of the membership package” and is ” to be presented before admission into any class”

Day 2 Hot C

Yoga Plus is at the 22nd floor of Estrata 100 in Ortigas. Like the first day I attended the 6PM class. On my way up to the elevator I met the teacher for the class. This time, a male teacher who looks Filipino but speaks with a foreign twang will instruct us. He looks so friendly even opening the door of the studio for me.

As the receptionist handed me my locker keys, towels and mat (yes, these things are provided for each student) I interviewed her about the different classes they offered. I did not absorb much given the Hindu terms she used. What I made clear from her was that Hot C is easier than my first class.

And it’s true. This time I performed and enjoyed the class more. I sweated more seeing the fluids drip from my hair strands to the mat. I just like the feeling of toxins being released through exercises.

I did not bump into Alice Dixon that night in the locker room. But there are new faces today. Some look like beginners like me and they usually are the more friendly and approachable ones.

I tried the restaurant adjacent to Yoga Plus. They serve meals for less than 500 calories. It’s called Yellow Halo which I later found out was owned by Maxine Magalona’s family. Prior to this I planned to order from Sexy Chef for a South Beach diet but that would be very costly. At least this one is way more affordable not to mention that orders should not be for a weeklong basis. During times I need to crash diet or just craving some healthy meals, I now know where to go that suits my location, taste and budget. Rosemary Chicken Sand which and Mango Juice are at 280 calories and 100 calories respectively.

Day 3 of Throwing Up

I don’t remember much of my third day of Yoga class All I know is that I vomited the Caesar salad I ate less than one hour before class. I thought I needed energy for the class and I arrived a really early for the class and Yellow Halo was there, very tempting with its cozier ambiance than the reception area of the Yoga studio. I haven’t thrown up for years! Probably even a decade. I know I felt so dizzy halfway through the class. I lay down on the mat for most of the 90-minute session. I was one of the first who went out of the room when the teacher announced that we may get out already. I had to support myself by holding into the walls of the hallway leading to the shower room. Luckily I made it to the comfort room. No one saw me so I did not get any help from anyone in the studio. That was the last time I attended the class forfeiting the rest of my 7 day unlimited class.

I don’t regret it. I will go to Yoga classes again given a very appropriate chance. And I highly recommend Yoga Plus for its top of the line amenities. The studio was clean including the shower rooms which are very important for me given that all who will attend the class will really be bathing in sweat. Alkaline water is provided. Mats are clean unlike the mats provided in most gyms where Yoga classes are offered included on memberships. More importantly, the room is heated which is unlike all the three major gyms I tried. If you are serious with Yoga, I suggest you try this one. They know what they are doing.

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