Tumalog Falls: A Glimpse of Paradise

May 9, 2018
Tumalog Falls Oslob Cebu

I always imagined heaven to have lots of magnificent water falls. They say, too, that in heaven, there will only be two words to say over and over again. Allelujah and Amen. “Praise God” and “It is true!”. Let’s just say, Cebu offers a tiny glimpse of heaven through its Tumalog Falls. While we were there we just kept on uttering, “Ang ganda! Ang ganda!”

Three hundred feet in height, with layers of rocks breaking the wide curtain of white water into tiers. Though there is no cliff jumping here because of its towering height and relatively shallow water, its beauty alone attracts lots of spectators. There are only two activities that can be done here – swimming and natural fish foot spa, for free, where tiny fish eat the dead skin cells off of your feet.

You are amazing, God!

The main goal of this third trip to Cebu is to swim with the whale sharks.  Regarding Tumalog Falls initially as just a side trip, I also did not research about it so I totally didn’t have any idea of what to expect – which sometimes proves to be a good thing. I was so amazed and pleasantly surprised with what I saw. Ate Guia, who also seemed not to have prior knowledge of the falls was like a child upon seeing this another marvel of God’s creation. We couldn’t help but just hug each other impetuously, sort of congratulating each other because of the beauty to which we had been privileged to witness.

Didn’t know that it’s possible to bow down to God while looking up.

Tumalog falls is just 10 minutes away by habal-habal or 9.3km away from whale shark watching site. Here’s our itinerary for Day 3 in South Cebu, just in case you would want to replicate. I’ve done many travel itineraries before but I have to say I got this South Cebu trip on-point so here I proudly recommend this:

Oslob South Cebu Itinerary

We rode two habal-habal (motorcycles); the second one you can opt not to avail if you are willing to walk  about a kilometer up and down on steep hills. The first habal-habal was from Biggies Inn to the jurisdiction of the tourism association of Tumalog Falls. Beyond that jurisdiction, only accredited habal-habal are allowed. You can recognize accredited ones with their drivers in uniform.

Spectator in awe of this wonder.

After paying the Php20 entrance fee per pax, we were guided by a young man to the falls. We thought he would just show us around but he also offered to take pictures of us. He knows the best spots and camera tricks, coaching us where to look, how to angle our face and body. The photos came out really well, I mean better than if Ate Guia and I just took photos of each other. He accompanied us for all our stay in the falls which was under two hours, carried my bag, and assisted us as we climbed and descended rocks for photo ops. We gave him tip after though he did not really charge us any amount.


Tourism in South Cebu is well-organized, I must say. I did not even had the need to set up my tripod because wherever we went, there will always be a Cebuano cheerfully assisting us, offering help, even guiding us and answering queries regarding directions. Tourism success in Cebu is a collective community effort.

On my next trips to Cebu, I am more than willing to come here again. Our guide said that during December, water flowing from the falls are more abundant that the entire width and height looks entirely white. Maybe it’s prohibited but for once, I would want to spend until night time here, experience the falls as raw as it is, without tourists, with just its roaring sound in darkness and moonlight, maybe with some of the wild birds and snakes around. Wild dreams.

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