Valleypoint Campsite Travel Guide: New Must-See Place in Baguio

January 30, 2019
Valleypoint Campsite Travel Guide

Valleypoint Campsite Baguio Travel Guide

New Must-See Place in Baguio

If you’re like me and my friend, Joy, you also think Baguio is always a good idea. That’s no matter how crowded or traffic the city has become year after year especially during long weekends, Christmas breaks, or during Panagbenga season this February. When you’ve been to Baguio more than twice, you either have your favorite go-to places already or you’re constantly trying to discover new places to see and experience. The good thing about Baguio getting more crowded is that Baguio always get to have something new to offer. One new must-see place in Baguio is Valleypoint Campsite.New Must See Place in BaguioI had a very pleasant stay here and it was also one of most “intriguing” places I posted. For some reason, the photos of sunrise and starry night sky I captured from this place elicit the question, “Saan yan?” like people don’t get that immediate impression that it was obviously in Baguio. Maybe Valleypoint is a classic scene of Baguio but seen from a different point of view.

Valleypoint Campsite Baguio Travel GuideHow To Go

We’d always hear that Baguio is now just four hours away due to new express ways or point-to-point buses from Cubao or Pasay. That is of course true at some point when you’re driving your own car and timer starts once your bus leaves the terminal. Factor in the ease or hassle of booking bus tickets online or queuing on bus terminals for your desired departure time. Also, it would be helpful to know that point-to-point buses will stop on the bus liner’s terminal in Baguio which is 20 minutes by car/taxi away from Valleypoint. By commute, you will pass by Green Valley Subdivision if you’ll ride P2P. Budget travelers may opt for the regular buses.New Must See Place in BaguioInstructions below are from Valleypoint Campsite Facebook Page. Their Fb page is so responsive so I suggest contacting them directly for any question that can’t be answered by the summary below:Valleypoint Campsite Baguio Travel Guide


If you’re driving, you can reach Valleypoint Campsite on Google Map or Waze.

Campers coming from Manila by Bus:

  1. Tell the driver that your drop-off point would be at Green Valley, Petron Station. No need to go to the bus terminal station.
  2. Once you reach Green Valley Petron, take a taxi and tell the cab driver Santo Tomas Checkpoint.
  3. Once you reach the Santo Tomas Checkpoint, tell them you have a booking at Valleypoint. Valleypoint is 10-15 meters after the checkpoint.

Campers coming from Baguio City (Town)

  • by Taxi – tell the driver Green Valley, Sto. Tomas. Fare is around 120-150 Php
  • by Jeep – take any jeep from Bayanihan (Green Valley, Dontogan, Santo Tomas)


Backpackers – Php750 per head; Check in – 2PM, check-out – 12noon; Inclusions – bunk bed, blanket, pillow, curtain divider, personal lighting, locker, hot and cold shower, unlimited brewed coffee, breakfast, airsoft coupon 150 rounds riffle plus 1 gas reload, access to camper’s area, restaurant and bar, view deck, free parking. Rooms have capacities of 4 pax, 6 pax and 10 pax.

New Must See Place in Baguio
I liked the privacy that the curtain and the bed’s own night lamp and electric socket provide.

Glamping / Tent – Inclusions – waterproof, dual-layer tent, foam, blankets, pillows, bed sheet, shoe box, unlimited brewed coffee, breakfast, airsoft coupon 150 rounds riffle plus 1 gas reload, access to camper’s area, restaurant and bar, view deck, free parking.

Valleypoint is a backpacker haven, priced like a backpacker campsite but with services and amenities of 2-3 star hotels – except for security. I have tried glamping (portmanteau for glamorous camping) before. I’m not really the never-the-same-thing-twice kind of person but this time I opted for a nice, cozy, warm bed where my luggage that contains my laptop, cameras, journals, and other gadgets are safe from the harsh cold and moisture.New Must See Place in BaguioThe tents tend to get really moist even wet from precipitation so make sure to protect your electronics.

Both the shared rooms and the tents are vulnerable to theft. What help are your own sense of responsibility for your own valuables and yeah, faith in humanity. I always had my small backpack with me for my camera and phones but yeah, my laptop and power bank I just prayed no one will get while I was wandering outside the room and those were charging.

New Must See Place in Baguio


I paid Php750 for the room per night. Just as I mentioned on my last blogpost when I narrated my first night at Valleypoint, I just shared the big room good for 10 with only one gal. On the second night, I slept alone with 9 empty beds. Nine empty beds. In Baguio. The famous set of childhood horror tales and ghost stories. At some point, I was rethinking the perks of traveling solo.

Anyway, that accommodation comes with free breakfast which when ordered on their restaurant would cost Php200. Basically, the room just cost me Php550 a night. That’s a steal!

I met new friends at Valleypoint. Angel who stayed as a camper shared my view of the “weird” pricing of the tents.

Solo – Php1,350; 2 pax – Php1,250/head; 3 pax – Php1,000/head; 4 pax – Php850/head

Camper’s Area

Located on the level directly above the restaurant, the camper’s chill area is a common space for both backpackers and campers. Here there are available board games, card games, darts, and books. Some guests really stay here for hours while most just come, take photos, then go. No food is allowed here.New Must See Place in Baguio


First, unlimited brewed coffee. Baguio is also known for its quality coffee beans so despite the common low-quality notions of “unlimited”, the coffee here was great. With this view, the coffee tasted even Valleypoint Baguio

Valleypoint Campsite Baguio Travel Guide Restaurant
The restaurant doesn’t serve breakfast until 8am so if you can’t have your first meal of the day this late, better bring some fruits or instant noodles.

The choices are limited. Most items on the menu were not available then but if they are, they are available in huge servings good for 2-3 persons.The restau, though, can benefit from removing the few flies I noticed and by cleaning the window. Peace.

Valleypoint Campsite Baguio Travel Guide


Improved cleanliness -to be observed by both the management and the guests- would definitely be great. I noticed dirt and grime here and there especially on the windows which were supposed to be squeaky clean, free from all impurities for unobstructed view of the valley. Lots of eager spectators and guests must have gone too excited and placed their palm-prints on the windows. The seats and cushions in the common camper’s area are starting to get worn out, too. There were food crumbs on the floor and spots of black carpet stains on what was supposed to be a no-footwear area.

The staff, too, can get a bit too lax. Maybe because I was alone in the room by Day 2, with the other two rooms also empty, they forgot that there was still one guest and so they felt liberty to loudly goof around. But then again, it’s a backpacker site.Valleypoint Campsite Baguio Travel GuideAll in all, Valleypoint Campsite is a recommended new must-see place in Baguio. To those who might ask, yes, you can visit the restaurant and get access to some limited parts of viewing deck even if you’re not checked in at any of their accommodations. As of this writing, I’m waiting on Victory Liner’s Piso Trip Round 3 to make going back to to Valleypoint even more budget-friendly.Valleypoint Campsite Baguio Travel Guide

  1. hi journalyn , awesome shots you got there, thank you for the well detailed blog , i already forward some of your concerns to the management specially in securing your things. With regards on the moist on the tent , dont worry only the outer cover of tent is exposed to moist. Im just wondering , are you able to claim your airsoft coupon / pass? I hope to see you again and I hope you will try our camping / glamping style.

    1. Thank you for addressing my concerns. No worries I had an awesome stay. Will be back before February ends with two of my friends, glamping style. Wasn’t able to try airsoft.

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