Valleypoint Campsite

January 24, 2019
Valleypoint Campsite Baguio

“Basta mam, pag alanganin na kau at di nyu mameet yung 10:00PM idiretso nyu na ng town. Wag na po kayo tumuloy”

That was Valleypoint Campsite’s Facebook page admin, telling me not to check in that night at my reserved room if I can’t make it to their door at 10PM. That plus the warning that they’ll charge me for late check in almost broke whatever good impression their customer service created to me two weeks before during booking. It was then past 9PM, I was riding a commuter bus and was, according to Google Map, 16 kilometers away from Green Valley.

The morning before I sent out to Baguio, I attended Carmel Youth Christmas party in a monastery.  It was only after the party’s lunch that I was able to start my 7-hour commute. Earliest check in time at Valleypoint was 12noon. So yes, I knew I would check in late but it was in a room I was already paying for.

Tired and uncomfortable from the long and solo travel,  with my supposedly confirmed accommodation telling me they’ll overcharge me because of one thing that was supposed to be favorable to them, and insanely suggesting for me to look for another hotel at wee hours of the 12-degree chilling night, I was growing impatient.  I was told they’ll wait for me until 10:30PM. Sto. Tomas checkpoint which was a few meters away from the campsite itself closes out to visitors at 10PM – I was informed just at that moment. I knew from the House Rules that campsite has a curfew but that doesn’t necessarily mean that check in is just up to 10PM, right?

Long story short, I was at their gate 5 minutes before the clock ticked 10PM. One staff, upon confirming I have reservations, carried my luggage from the taxi I rode from GreenValley entrance. Another staff confirmed just my name without asking for an ID and ordered another staff to guide me to my room. There I found only one girl occupying a bed out of the 5 double-decks which makes just the two of us in a room good for 10.

That was Night 1. I was excited and looking forward to experiencing Baguio this time and from this side of town but I was too tired and too cold to care. The experience came the following morning.

Valleypoint Campsite Baguio

How would you like to wake up to this? Valleypoint I forgive you!

I discovered Valleypoint Campsite when I came across one post from a Facebook travel group I am a member of. It featured a backpacker campsite 20 minutes from Baguio City which showcased the whole place as a “point” in a “valley” adorned by sea of clouds because of its location. Baguio City itself (where Burnham Park, Session Road and SM Baguio are located) is situated in a higher altitude than Valleypoint but during the few times I was there, I had never seen a sea of clouds or fog enveloping the landscape around me entirely.

Years before a segment of Mt. Pulag was accidentally brought to flames by campers, it was making all the rage in the hiking community because of the sea of clouds sighting. It could have been a chance to touch clouds up close but I don’t see myself fit not for the hike but for the temperature. Also, sea of clouds in Mt. Pulag is not a guarantee for every hike. Should you be lucky, you also have to time your assault – you’d better be in specific spots around sunrise.

Valleypoint Campsite Baguio
View from my room before sunrise.

Valleypoint Campsite hooked me in because of its unique selling proposition which is the sea of clouds without the hike. It’s also possible to experience the sea of clouds in various times of the day. Picture below was taken at 11am.

Valleypoint Campsite Baguio

Unlimited Cordillera coffee is available for free in the dining area. Great coffee, cold weather, and this view! I will be back.

Valleypoint Campsite Baguio
View from the dining area.

This place is far from Baguio City and the most convenient way to go to the city is by driving your own car or by hailing a taxi which are both not as easy as they sound.  Valleypoint has shuttles but only on limited hours and on selected days. They have contacts to hail taxis outside, you just have to pay Php100 on top of the regular fare because they’ll be coming from afar but even with that arrangement, taxis still wouldn’t come. When I had to go to Baguio Cathedral that Sunday, I had to walk around 1 kilometer just to get to a junction where there are taxis.  But I have this view below along the way plus I love walking so no fuzz.

Valleypoint Campsite Baguio
View a few meters away from Valleypoint Campsite towards Sto. Tomas checkpoint around 11am.

Valleypoint Campsite Baguio

Valleypoint looks amazing at day and is totally mesmerizing at night. The second night of my stay I was still able to capture some remnants of the Geminids Meteor shower. I think I also captured a shooting star. Make a wish!

Valleypoint Campsite Baguio

meteor shower Baguio Valleypoint
When you see it. Captured a few minutes before sunrise, with the sky slowly turning from black to blue.


I’ll be sharing some Valleypoint Campsite Travel Tips on my next post.


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