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November 6, 2015
How to Deal with Vampires


My God! I feel like searching the web on “how to deal with backstabber and insecure people aside from ignoring them”.

I feel like wanting to read Bo Sachez’ book, “How to Deal with Vampires”, once again. The only thing I picked up from the first time I read it is to “wear an invisible helmet”. That book said something like, if there are people who suck out the good energies in your life, distance yourself from them – if not physically (as in the case of family, circle of friends, boss or co-worker) distance yourself mentally, emotionally, spiritually or whatever. Seems like I want to do more than that now.

My  big questions are: Why do backstabbers exist? Did God also created them? Why? If they are not happy with their own lives, why do they feel this need to infect others, too? I do not get the merits of crab mentality and the throwing of all those innuendos. It’s an epic fail of covering revolting, repulsive odor of insecurity with perfume of make-believe superiority and false happiness.

So I searched and guess what? Wikihow has steps ready for my question in its “How to Deal with Backstabbers” article. I love the internet.

But here’s my take. It doesn’t mean that when one keeps  silent it means he’s as stupid as vampires wanted him to feel. But it kind of sends that vibe therefore, speaking up seems to be the way to go.

Confront that backstabber! Euphemism: Discuss with the vampire person the issues on hand, what you think he has done and how those made you feel. This isn’t easy but acting like nothing’s wrong when you feel there’s tons of wrongs isn’t easy either. One of the reasons why it ain’t easy is because you may be wrong in your assumptions all along. The innuendo and attacks might not be directed to you or are not present at all. So before this, be very sure. Gather evidence, document things if you have to. Then slap those evidences on his face!

Also, pray. Pray for your enemies. Love them. But remember, they are not your friends!!! It’s true that there are people whom you can love more and better from a distance. This includes life’s vampires.

Still, I’m thinking on searching steps on how to “give a doze of someone’s own medicine”? I’m rethinking the meaning of what “turning on the other cheek” when I’m wanting to punch someone in the face.

But know what’s amazing? I already feel better just by venting my situation right here. I love writing!


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