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Victoria Sports Tower 2 Condo Unit

June 30, 2020
Victoria Sports Tower 2 Condo Unit

The condo unit I purchased was a pre-selling, one-bedroom condo unit of Victoria Sports Tower 2. Its developer is New San Jose Builders, Inc.


If you’re in the city, inherently it will be noisier than the province. In choosing a condo, one thing you have to balance with the ease in access to mass transportation is the amount of noise pollution.

My condo’s location is along EDSA, near GMA Kamuning Station. Tower 1 is nearer EDSA while Tower 2 faces Tomas Morato Area, which is preferable because the farther the unit is from EDSA, the more peaceful it is.

Together with other young professionals, I once rented a 3-bedroom condo unit along EDSA near Boni MRT Station (Globe Asiatique Tower) so I know exactly how a unit facing EDSA  sounds like. Day in and day out, it was always buses and trains and car honks on the 11th floor.

This time, as an added “noise protection”, I got a unit up above on  3Xth floor.  So even if it’s near EDSA, the condo unit I specifically got is still peaceful.

LOCATION CONSIDERATIONS Victoria Sports Tower 2 Condo Unit

The location is kind of providential for me. I was working in Ortigas back when I decided to first purchase the unit, but I still go home to Bulacan everyday. Before MRT reached the height of being a moving hell that transports people in the worst possible way in 2018, I rode MRT everyday. Anywhere along EDSA with access to mass transportation is great for me. Even better because MRT regularly skips North EDSA MRT Station,  and lets passengers load first on GMA MRT Station.

2019, I transferred job and our office is now located in V. Luna, Quezon City. The unit now is less than 1km walk from our new office.


I intend to rent out the unit but I will use it for the first year. My target clients are young professionals like me, too, so I think by considering the things that I need, I will be able to provide the needs of my target clients, too. Proximity to business districts and access to mass transportation is really a must. That’s the whole point of renting a condo unit for me.

Joining fee to the gym and and a one-time use of the events place is supposedly free for the first year. More about that later.


A college classmate offered Victoria Sports to me. He was like the 2nd or third classmate who offered me a condo unit. I did not get the unit because he was a college classmate and I think condo buyers should do the same. Do not buy because of “pakikisama”. It’s a big ticket item! Purchase should really be because of the merits or the advantages the unit could bring to you personally.


It’s called Victoria Sports because the amenities are all sports-related. Of course it has a gym like any other condo but not all has its own Olympic size swimming pool which is different from its indoor pool and water spa, full basketball court, squash court,bowling alley, tennis court, wall climbing, shooting range,  etc. I thought a complete sports facility will encourage me to live a healthy life in the city. NSJB has another condo being developed  and its called Victoria Arts. It would focus more on the arts having its own full-size opera, theatre, etc. Their concepts are good.


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