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Winter Charm of Vieux Quebec

December 26, 2019
Old Quebec Chateau Frontenac

Toronto is a great city. But I’m not a city girl. Without concrete plans, I extended a business trip by 3 days and spent all of it on Vieux Quebec (Old Quebec), home of streets dubbed as the most charming streets in North America, located in the largest French-speaking city outside of France.

Old Quebec Chateau Frontenac

Quebec was already at the back of my mind when I heard of the company’s plans to send me to Canada. My sister, a fan of Korean drama, “Goblin“, secured for herself a 10-year tourist visa to Canada, all with the intention of visiting the picturesque hotel and the famous red door where Gong Yoo and Ji Eun Tak frequents to in the drama. By some twist of fate, I had the opportunity to go there before her.

Goblin series featured a lot of tourism shots of Vieux Quebec

I myself haven’t started watching Goblin until I was packing for Canada. I am aware of its intense popularity though, plus Gong Yoo has always been a personal favorite since his “Coffee Prince” days. I think he can really act! So the fan girl hiding in me for so long just went loose!

Anyway, the 16-hour direct flight of Philippine Air Lines from Ninoy Aquino International Airport to Toronto Pearson International Airport allowed me to start a marathon of the 45-episode drama series.

PAL 16 hour flight from Manila to Toronto

From Toronto, I was willing to travel either by bus or by train to Quebec. The land travel would have taken 11 hours (9 hours if you’ll rent a car and drive). I thought, so as not to waste my time to really explore Vieux Quebec, I will travel at night and even save on accommodation. I had no idea then what minus 16 degrees feels like. Akala ko parang Manila to Abra lang!

My sister heard the 11-hour travel plan. Horrified, she gifted me with free flights through Delta Air Line and West Jet. #SkyMilesLife

West Jet Flight from Toronto to Quebec
Bonjour! Welcoming scenes before and after I landed at Quebec airport.

So Toronto to Quebec was reduced to 1 hour and 30 minutes flight. I’m really deeply thankful for those flights because of the unanticipated biting cold of winter. I don’t think I was really ready for the freeze which will be brought by bus transfers. There are no direct bus from Toronto to Quebec.

How cold was it there? I wasn’t able to use my tripod for photos because that would entail taking off my gloves! A few seconds off of those gloves numb my fingers. For the first time, despite the long waiting time, it was way more comfortable at the airports.

Had it been during other warmer seasons, I would have been happy to take the bus on my way back to Toronto and stop at either Montreal or Ottawa. As in life, travelling presents circumstances that may either be good or bad but are all manageable to work in our favor.

I haven’t been to so many places and comparing is one thing that I am mastering to avoid, but Vieux Quebec, you are a fairy tale! I’ve stepped inside the pages of childhood story books, saw stuff which childhood dreams are made of, and found myself actually awake. I was living a dream.

Vieux Quebec Cite Winter

Goblin fans, here’s a treat for you! Not all fantasies come true but the few things that do will make you feel like everything is possible from then on.

Some travel tips here for exploring Vieux Quebec. Not expert tips, just a guide from someone who have been there before you.

More photos here that I would like to share with you but more importantly, photos that will remind me years from now of happy, blessed times during my short stay at Vieux Quebec.

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