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Waking Up Before September Ends

September 19, 2020
A New Day Has Come

Random Thought 1: Sometimes you just have to declare things and they will come true. Other times, you have to will it, pray for it, and work hard for it. The thing I wrote about last week just came true and it really happened before September ended.

Last Sunday’s mass I was praying, “Thy will be done”. I even asked God to guide my competitors who will “present” on Monday and Tuesday but Monday afternoon I had the good news already. I think they didn’t push for the other two options and that’s very good news for me. 

I thought hard about it that night because the table had been turned. I decided to go for it. I think this is what God wants me to do at this time. God and I, we have our own ways of communicating so I’m sure about this. This is the calling at this point in my life.

Random Thought 2:  We make plans but the Lord determines our steps. The truth is, any parting breaks my heart a little. It means the things that I hoped for, worked hard for, thought God gave me, were actually not meant to be. But it’s okay because the future is always brighter than any thing I have left behind. I just can’t help but be a bit sad.

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Everything happens for a reason, they say. For me, I’m content with, it was what I needed at some point in my past, but not anymore. So I move on.

Random Thought 3: There was a confirmed COVID 19 positive patient in our barangay. The district health officers are conducting manual contact tracing so our street is placed in a more stringent “lockdown”. If only we have mass testing, we don’t have to go through these inconveniences and trouble.

I hope the government finally arrive at a plan on what to do with the economy. Health and economy shouldn’t necessarily be an either or thing. I know for sure that startups, small and medium enterprise are getting very little help if any during this pandemic. That’s not to mention the thousands of people who were instantly rendered jobless. Declaration of bankruptcy here and there. Retrenchment, pay cuts. What are the plans for that?

Random Thought 4: Even with the prices of gas and toll hurting my pocket, I drive in pleasure on most rainy afternoons with music on full blast from my carefully curated playlist. Then I will see workers, tired from a 9-hour job, riding bicycles to home, soaking wet under the rain. They can’t commute through a more dignified public transportation because utility vehicles are far too few nowadays due to prevailing quarantine status.

It’s not COVID19 that punishes the people but the system. COVID19 just exposes the vulnerabilities of the government, which sadly we deserve, because apparently, we voted for our leaders.

Random Thought 5: I finally finished Suspicious Partners and The K2. I like Ji Changwook and Nam Ji-Hyun together in Suspicious Partners. They have that “Aldub” feels –  around 20% of Aldub chemistry and that means it’s a lot.K-Drama Review: "Suspicious Partner" - A Shower Of Ji Chang Wook's Gift Of Heavenly Bliss, Romance, Sudden Thrills

I also enjoyed the character of the antagonist Choi Yoo Jin in The K2 a lot better than the female lead who knows nothing. I realized I have this innate tendency to hate women who just waits to be saved. You gotta work, girl! Sure being saved by a knight in shining armor is cute, even needed at times, but it shouldn’t be a lifestyle!

Random Thought 6: Next blog post will be a product review and I’m excited for it because Try and Review is making me try Olay Essence Water for free! Lazada has just emailed me that parcel is on its way to our locked down street! That’s how I turn things around during this pandemic.

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