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Why I’m Voting for Roxas

April 20, 2016


Photo from Facebook page of Mar Roxas, one of five presidential candidates for the 2016 Philippine election

May 9, 2016 is set to be another Philippine Presidential election. Internet is abuzz with all the nitty-gritty details of news regarding campaign speeches and presidential debates. The coming polls is a scorching hot topic. Most people are threatening each other’s lives and lambasting each other’s dignity online, as if there’s no tomorrow, or as if they have the guts to actually say those words in real life.

Initially, I decided to defend my political opinion with just three words – wala kayong pakialam. I hated kwentong barbero because really, most of the time that conversation does nothing but to instill desperation and gossip, which results to hurt ego or broken friendship, in the course of those doubtfully intelligent duscussion. But there are some people who asked me without sounding like their putting off a challenge so for them I am gladly obliged to say my piece.

I am voting for Mar Roxas despite the raised eyebrows, indiferent stares I get when random strangers see me sipping juice from yellow 7-11 gulp cup, and the cyber-bullying hurled by some Duterte fans to all non-Duterte supporters. 

I support tuwid na daan. I like the performance of the present administration and like what I’ve been wanting for for so long, I can see continuity of that straight road with Mar Roxas. I wanted to see an administration that that’s not very insecure with its predecessor, erasing all traces of good works and accomplishments just to eradicate whatever good legacies the other president had. The rate that we’re going now is good economically speaking, and I don’t want us to go back to scratch once again.

Did you know that inflation rate ended up at just 1.5percent last 2015? It’s an indication of good performance. Numbers don’t lie. We’ve got to believe in something other than our own perceptions and the complaints of our neighbors who aren’t actually working hard to make this growth be felt. I dont want us reminising this past 6 years some decades from now and say “sayang”.

My life has been good for the past 6 years. That’s not to say I owe it to Aquino but if there’s a government which allows you to achieve your dreams if you only worked hard, then that for me is enough. True, there are lots of misses and imperfections I don’t even want to start enumerating. But that’s just the way it goes. Nobody’s perfect, no government is perfect. I cringe at the thought of so many Filipinos relying on Duterte to solve it all just by himself and in a snap (3-6months). Messiah marketing is at work and is so effective I’m starting to wonder if he’s starting a cult.

There are lots of room for improvements for this tuwid na daan but the basic and core foundation is already laid out. It just has to be continued and among the 5 presidential candidates, it is Mar Roxas who has that vision, acknowledging that a lot more has to be done, but what is good now will remain.

No one person can build this country alone. We all have to give, to contribute, to sacrifice. Someone who can inspire every single Filipino to love our country deeply to the extent of laying down their lives as if we’re fighting battles is the ideal leader. We are waging war against corruption and poverty everyday, anyway. In all honesty I see a portion of that inspirational leader with Mirriam but she’s sick. I cannot demean her cancer as just cancer because the number one requirement for me to become a president, more than being a natural-born citizen, is that you have to be alive, really alive, everyday, for the next 6 years.

Grace Poe to me is a surprise. During the presidential debates she earned my admiration. I didn’t know that she is that intelligent, articulate and accomplished as a senator considering the short span of her political career. She comes across to me as someone who is so brave that if I could only be half the woman that she is, I know I’m gonna be successful. She’s more than her father’s daughter but sadly aside from the fact that her entire family are US citizens, she’s still new. She lost me with the Spratly issue. On the other hand, I can bet my cards on Roxas when dispute with China gets worse than it is now.

Binay? I even told myself I’ll join the first rally against him if he still gets elected.

As for Duterte, I didn’t think even for one second that he is fit for the job. I never considered him. I don’t hate him because I don’t care about him personally. What I hate is the kind of attitude he awakened to Filipinos. It’s like the line between right and wrong has never been more blurred. I am not to judge anyone because only God knows what we do in the dark. But to flaunt murder as heroic or cool, what does it tell the public especially the youth? We may be well off during his administration if he wins (though it’s highly unlikely) but what about the years after that when the next generations take over without clear sense of right and wrong? What you don’t exchange even with riches and peace is your morality. Morality nowadays has been wrongly associated with being self-righteous that people blurt out “magpakatotoo ka” when they mean to say, “magpakagaspang  ka ng ugali”.

We’ll guess what, being good is our true nature. For Christians, we believe that we are made in the image of God. We are and should be Christ-like. For Muslims, I haven’t read the Quran but I believe that it was built out of goodness, too. At least Binay knows it’s bad to steal that’s why he keeps on denying it. Duterte violates the law and corrupts through the worst sin possible and still thinks it’s okay. And the people cheer on!

Roxas said in his closing remarks on the first presidential debate that what he wants is simple: he has a job and he has savings, he wants the rest of our countrymen to also have the same. He may be elitist but he wants to include everyone in that circle. Do you not wonder why so many politicians love the poor and make them stay poor because the poor loves them back?

Drugs and crime are prevalent because of poverty. Im not patronizing criminals but drug abuse can come from loneliness and distress and crimes are committed because of poverty. Kapit sa patalim like what most people are doing now- holding on to promises depsite lack of concrete platforms because it sounds and looks good on the surface. Killing victims of poverty and evil is never a solution. I dont care if Duterte means killing literally or not. Murder is a sin. It should not be done nor encouraged. Saying that criminals who aren’t even tried and tested deserve to die and only non-criminals deserve to live is what’s self-righteous. 

As of now my candidate seems weak but still on the running to become the 3rd repuplic’s 16th president. What if he doesnt win? It’s okay. I’m not a diehard fan anyway.

 This may not sound very poor-friendly, but we have to hear this: Do not expect the government to take care of you. How do I know that my life would improve in the next 6 years regardless of whoever wins? Because I put my hope in the Lord and I’m willing to work hard for that goal. I will survive despite whatever. I hope other Filipinos will have that thinking, too. Let’s start with fixing our own lives. Allow government to be a factor but not the determining factor of the quality of life we should have. 

So there I have vented it out. Not entirely, but this will do. The rest of my political view I’ll express by casting my ballot on May 9. This is not written for any reason except for exercising my right to express. I’m doing it – while I still can. Yes, this is not to even influence any reader because I don’t believe in campaigns. More importantly, I’m against loud people who did not even bother to register or will not even go out to vote on May 9 but want other people to vote in their behalf by influencing them! Each of us has our own needs; we all have our own discernments, and we are all so full of ourselves and our own opinions anyway that no matter what happens we will vote for who we want to vote. The beauty of Filipino democracy is that one vote belongs to each registered voter, regardless of who you are, your possessions, connection or education. And then, majority wins.

I doubt the wisdom of people collectively. I dont believe in vox populi vox dei. But if someone would ask me who my president is, I’d say that my president is whoever wins. But for this coming election, my candidate is Mar. I will respect majority decision no matter how stupid it would be to me. I will support the government and the president because he/she will represent the country, all 102 million of us around the world, and all 120 years of everything we have and have not become as a republic.

Let the 10 commandments be our guide and the Holy Spirit our conscience.


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